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Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Casino Review

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables is a simple online casino. You can’t see any gimmickry in its presentation.  There’s nothing noteworthy about its website. That’s why it would not be uncommon if you would be surprised by its claim that it is “the best online Internet casino site.” The site’s appearance remotely suits the claim of being the best online casino around. The site looks like a site created during the earlier years of WordPress or Blogger. Besides, the name “Bitcoin Blackjack Tables” does not properly represent the collection of games available on the site (looks like an SEO name, not a real name). There’s more than just blackjacks to be found here.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables is a simple online casino. You can’t see any gimmickry in its presentation.  There’s nothing noteworthy about its website. That’s why it would not be uncommon if you would be surprised by its claim that it is “the best online Internet casino site.” The site’s appearance remotely suits the claim of being the best online casino around. The site looks like a site created during the earlier years of WordPress or Blogger. Besides, the name "Bitcoin Blackjack Tables" does not properly represent the collection of games available on the site (looks like an SEO name, not a…

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Ratings

Trust - 81%
Quality - 82%
Promotions - 56%
Games Diversity - 93%
Support - 90%
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We know it’s not right to judge something by its appearance alone. That’s we are doing this thorough Bitcoin Blackjack Tables review. We will be  exploring the games, the user interface, and the overall playing experience on this bitcoin gambling site. Also, we will try to find out more information that can be useful to potential players, such as the licensing, regulation,  and the quality of player support provided.

BitcoinBlackjackTables offers a decent number of games which are mostly online casino staples such as roulette, blackjack of course, video poker, poker, baccarat, and numerous variations of slots. The games are all web-based so there’s nothing that needs to be downloaded. Moreover, as the site’s name itself indicates, Bitcoin Blackjack Tables accepts bitcoins and some other types of cryptocurrency (more on these later). If you are one of those online gambling enthusiasts who value anonymity, the use of bitcoins and altcoins is without a doubt advantageous.

Get to know more about this site and decide if it is one you should consider signing up with.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Homepage

Fast Account Registration

We’re not sure if it’s just a bad design decision or this online casino does not want to have more players because it does not have a prominent button or link through which potential players can sign up for an account. The registration links are just small text links at the left menu and footer part of the website.

Fortunately, registering for an account with BitcoinBlackjackTables is a fast and easy process. All the site requires are an email address, nickname (username), and a password. If you are confused as to what nickname you should use, there’s a handy nickname generator on the screen. A password generator is also available.

Once the Continue button is clicked, the account registration is almost instantly completed and you are already automatically logged in to your account. It’s blazingly fast! Even better, you also have the option to simply sign up using your online accounts. You can use your Twitter, Google, Facebook, Flickr, LastFM, Soundcloud, Windows LiveID, YouTube, WebMoney, Steam, uID, Tumblr, FourSquare, dudu, Vimeo, Wargaming.net, or Tumblr account to automatically sign in. You will be required to confirm that you are tying your online account with the Bitcoin Blackjack Tables registration, but it should take only a few clicks and you will already get an account and automatically logged in.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Player Registration

There is no email confirmation required. However, we think that Bitcoin Blackjack Tables is veering away from the best practices in maintaining online accounts as it sends the username and password to the nominated email address. It does not make sense. Why must they send the username and password to an email address and not require an email confirmation? With this kind of setup, anybody can use somebody else’s email account to register.

The BitcoinBlackjackTables.com  Account Dashboard

You will be required to enter your username and password as you access the account dashboard. The Profile Page is rather bare. It also does not allow the modification of the email address and nickname/username. The password can be changed, though.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Profile Page

If you want to access the page for entering deposits and making withdrawals, you need to click on the Finance page. It’s the link just above the Profile (on the left vertical menu bar) or to the left of Profile on the footer part of the site.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Finance

The account dashboard is definitely easy to use. The currency and payment method icons on top, by the way, are not just there as some aesthetic addition. Clicking on them changes the payment method. It’s more intuitive than changing the payment method through the drop down list.

The Games – A Decent Collection sans the Wow Factor

No, this online casino does not only offer blackjack games. There are 6 types of games on Bitcoin Blackjack Tables. These are Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Poker, Baccarat, and Slots.

  • There are 3 Roulette games listed: Multiplayer Roulette, Classic Roulette, and American Roulette.
  • For the Blackjack category, there are six games namely, Multiplayer Blackjack, One Deck Blackjack, European Blackjack, Open Blackjack, and Six Decks Blackjack.
  • The Poker category lists 4 games. These are Multiplayer Poker, Russian Poker, Caribbean Poker, and Oasis Poker.
  • There are 3 Video Poker games to choose from. These are Joker Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better.
  • Two Baccarat games are available on Bitcoin Blackjack Tables. These are Multiplayer Baccarat and plain Baccarat.
  • Finally, for the Slots category, there are 51 games available. These should be more than enough variety for those who easily bored with the appearance of slots. The games are shown in different columns but they are clearly labeled as Slots so don’t be confused.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Games

All the games have “for Fun” versions so you can try them out without having to use real money or even without registering for an account. The trial versions load as a pop-up so be sure to permit pop-ups for this site if you want to try these free games. Also, you may encounter instances when nothing happens as you click on the “for Money” playing option. This is most likely because you have already opened a pop-up for the “for Fun” game. The “for Money” game actually opens on the same pop-up so you just have to find that pop-up to play the game.

The Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Gaming Platform

We could not find definitive information regarding the providers of the game software on Bitcoin Blackjack Tables. The games load with the Bitcoin Blackjack Tables branding so we would like to assume in this Bitcoin Blackjack Tables review that these games were developed in-house or they have been purchased and the rights to them are with this online casino. Also, the games are not provably fair. There are no indications that the games can be tested for fairness. There are no provability widgets readily provided.

The games are in Flash. This may not be the best way to offer online games but it actually works well enough. We have not encountered issues as we tried the games. It is recommended installing the most recent version of Macromedia’s Flash player, though, to avoid problems.

Compatible with Mobile Playing

We actually thought that the Bitcoin Blackjack Tables website would not be mobile-friendly. Thankfully, we are mistaken. It features a responsive web design so the layout and amount of page elements and information shown are adjusted to be more suitable for mobile browsing. There are no Android and iOs mobile apps for this online casino but  the mobile-compatible website should already be enough to conveniently play the games on smartphones or tablets.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Mobile Friendly Website

Currency Used and the Handling of Deposits, Withdrawals, and Bets

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables accepts 4 types of cryptocurrency or in the more popular way of putting it, it accepts bitcoins and some altcoins. These cryptocurrencies are bitcoins (BTC), litecoin (LTC), dogecoin (DOGE), and dash (DASH).

There are many payment methods supported. These include Skrill, WebMoney Z, Perfect Money, OK Pay, Wallet one, Yandex Money, Payeer, BTC e, Advcash, and Paxum.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Currency

The minimum deposit requirements vary with the payment method used.

  • For Skrill, the minimum is 5 USD or 4.55 EUR.
  • For WebMoney, Perfect Money, OK Pay, Wallet One Yandex Money, BTC e, Advcash, and Paxum, the minimum deposit is considerably lower at only 0.01 USD.
  • The minimum deposit for Payeer is 0.05 USD.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Withdrawals

When it comes to withdrawals, the payment method used is only PerfectMoney. The minimum cashout amount is a low 0.05 USD and there is no maximum amount limit imposed. Even better, there are no charges or fees for withdrawals made although this policy may change soon, as indicated on the Bitcoin Blackjack Tables’ website.

For the betting amounts, the least amount that can be wagered is 0.01 USD. There is no ceiling imposed.

All transactions are usually processed instantly.

Moreover, there is no play money offered here but there is a “for Fun” version for all games so this online casino can still be considered as a free bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Promotions

We did some research and inquiry regarding the bonuses offered for this Bitcoin Blackjack Tables review. Unfortunately, we failed to find anything. There are no deposit, sign-up, and reload bonuses. There is no VIP rewards program. There are no free spins for the slots.

However, there is an affiliate program. It actually took us some time to finally find the details for this affiliate program. We barely found information about it on the FAQ page. There is also no link for the affiliate program section on the homepage. Still, we tried to look for the details since we have observed the referral link as we explored the registration process for this Bitcoin Blackjack Tables review. We though that if there’s a referral link, there has to be something about referral programs.

And so we found the “bitcoinblackjacktables.com Affiliate Program Panel. It appears that the credits will be automatically reflected on the page shown below. You will be required to log in before you can access this page. You will be using the same login details you used for your Bitcoin Blackjack Tables account.

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Affiliate Program

Deficient Customer Support on Bitcoin Blackjack Tables

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables provides player support via Skype and email. These can be accessed through the Contact page. There’s an online form for sending emails and a button for immediately calling customer support via Skype.

Countries Served and Notes on Online Gambling Licensing

Bitcoin Blackjack Tables is one of the online casinos that don’t set country or jurisdiction restrictions for players but simply leave the legal responsibility to the players. Basically, if this online casino is accessible to a player in whatever country, it is possible to register for an account and play. We had to do some digging to finally find the Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Agreement page that is similar to a Terms and Conditions page. This Agreement puts the responsibility in determining the legality of online gambling in a jurisdiction or country to the players.

Based on this agreement, we can write in this Bitcoin Blackjack Tables review that players in the United States can play on this casino. I even tried to login to Bitcoin Blackjack Tables through local US ip, and it worked great. On the other hand, if you are looking for BTC casino with US license, you  should just look for other options.

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This site does not appear to have the license for an online gambling operation in the United States. The same goes for players in other countries with similar laws against online gambling.

Site Languages

Taken all the points mentioned above into account, Bitcoin Blackjack Tables will mostly be serving players outside of the United States. That’s why its website comes with a language selection function. It is located in at the footer part. The languages available are English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Greek, Magyar, Bahasa Indonesia, Croatian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Mongolian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Slovenian, Turkish, and Portuguese.

Important Pages on Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Players Should Visit

Players must read the Agreement page of Bitcoin Blackjack Tables to be adequately aware of what this online casino’s terms and conditions are. There is also a Rules page that provides brief presentations of the rules of the different games available. There’s also an FAQ page to be used as a general reference for the most commonly asked inquiries.

Pros and Cons


  • Relatively quickly loading games
  • Skype customer support, something not many online casinos offer
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Multiple payment methods supported
  • No charges for deposits and withdrawals


  • The website needs some organizing and fixing. It’s difficult to find important information about the online casino.
  • No provably fair games
  • No deposit bonuses or rewards program
  • Not for US players, although the site does not explicitly state that US players will be rejected
  • The name…its a bit dumb.

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