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Bitcoin Video Casino Review

Bitcoin Video Casino is unique in being an online bitcoin gambling site that does not require players to register to be able to play. Once you load the site, you can immediately proceed to playing. You will only be playing with “test credits” at first, though. This is, however, not a complete no-registration setup. You will still have to do some form of registration and authentication once you decide to play with real bitcoins.

Bitcoin Video Casino homepage

The site claims to offer fast return for players as well as a system for easy access to earnings. Players are guaranteed with at least 99.5% returns for every game and quick cash outs for their winnings. Bitcoin Video Casino currently offers 15 provably fair games, which are touted as “classic fun for serious players.” These games come with the opportunity to win progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpot is accumulated from a percentage of the bet of every player in a certain game. The jackpot gets bigger as players continue to place bets on this online casino.

Bitcoin Video Casino is unique in being an online bitcoin gambling site that does not require players to register to be able to play. Once you load the site, you can immediately proceed to playing. You will only be playing with “test credits” at first, though. This is, however, not a complete no-registration setup. You will still have to do some form of registration and authentication once you decide to play with real bitcoins. The site claims to offer fast return for players as well as a system for easy access to earnings. Players are guaranteed with at least 99.5%…

Bitcoin Video Casino Ratings:

Games Diversity
User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)

You can also gain more with this online casino through their referral bonuses. It’s also worth noting that Bitcoin Video Casino offers the opportunity to lower their house edge by up to 25% through referrals. This helps increase the odds of winning for the players. The best part is that there is no limit as to how much one can earn from the games.

No Need for Registration

As mentioned, Bitcoin Video Casino does not a have a typical registration process. Once you open the site’s link, you will automatically have a designated ID for your device. This information can be found on the upper left corner. The ID is a unique combination of letters and numbers, which you can change later on.

In order for you to access the same ID even when you log in to another device, you need to click on the “Accounts” on the leaderboard sheet and copy the URL provided there. Use this URL for all of your devices so you can sign in back to your account.

In the “Accounts” tab, you can set the security features of your account with the sites 2-factor authentication. Key in your password, enable the Google Authenticator and the withdrawals address of your account in this page. You may also review your game stats here and set a new username there.

Traditional Casino Games

Bitcoin Video Casino offers 7 classic casino games namely: Video poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno, Slots, and Dice.

These can be played by clicking on the list of items in the website.  In the home page you will see the total number of games played in each of the casino games and the total accumulated jackpot that you can win, provided that you’re lucky enough to do so.

Bitcoin Video Casino games

The games come with instructions that will be very helpful if you are new to these games. Among the most frequently played games are Dice with more than a hundred thousand games played, Roulette with more than thirty 36,000, and Slots with a little more than 35,000. For the games with the highest jackpots, Video Poker dominates the list with more than 206 BTC at stake, followed by the Slots with more than 195 BTC. Provided that no one hits the jackpot win for these games, the number of bitcoins at stake will increase as the games progress.

Video Casino’s Software

Bitcoin Video Casino does not rely on major gaming software providers like what other leading online casinos do. They employ their own system, which isn’t that bad functionally considering that they are able to claim that their games are all provably fair.

Somewhat Outdated Design and Interface

One of the things you will notice as you open the Bitcoin Video Casino website is that it looks far from modern. The design, overall aesthetics, and the way things are arranged feels like it’s a website from the 90’s. Graphics-wise, you will immediately know that this site could use a lot of improvements. Nevertheless, it’s easy navigating around the site. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for and the site is overall pleasantly responsive (not responsive design).

All Players Welcome on Bitcoin Video Casino

Just like many other bitcoin casinos online, Bitcoin Video Casino claims that it is open to accepting players as long as online casinos are legal in their respective jurisdictions. US players are most definitely welcome.

Non Mobile Friendly Interface

Bitcoin Video Casino on iphoneThe site is not mobile friendly for both Android and Apple devices. Although the online casino’s interface is adjusted to the width of your gadget’s screen, the pictures and the texts are too small for you to read and look at. You need to zoom in and out the screens to see things better. The site however has an android app, so you can install this instead, to facilitate better gaming in your devices.

Bitcoin Video Casino on samsung tablet

You can download the app by clicking on the download link on the Android app page of the site, or you may scan the QR code provided. Unfortunately, you can’t find this app on the Google Play Store so it’s difficult to be sure if the app is really safe and stable.

Bitcoin Video Casino QR code app

You are also given the option to import the details of the account that you used on the desktop through scanning another QR code. This comes quite handy, as there are no formal sign in options for the gaming site.

In the mobile app, the same colors and layouts can be found, however the mobile version only has 4 games for you to choose from and these are, Video Poker, Dice, Blackjack and Slots.

The mobile app looks very simple to use. On the homepage it has the four games displayed, and then another four grey buttons below it, which are, Deposit, Cash Out, Settings and Share.

Bitcoin Video Casino app

Currency Accepted

The site solely uses bitcoin as currency for all of its games. Before you start playing the games in the site, you will need to make a bitcoin deposit to the Bitcoin Video Casino bitcoin wallet. You can try playing each of the games with the test credits, which is set to 1 credit (not a BTC value) for most of the games except for Keno, which allots 100 credits for the test run.

For bitcoin cash outs, you should look at the bottom of the page for the “CASH OUT” button. Click on it and key in the amount of BTC that you will withdraw, as well as bitcoin wallet address where it should be deposited. It would take approximately 20 minutes before it will be processed. The site will deduct 0.0001 BTC from the withdrawn amount as transaction fee.

Maximum Payout and Withdrawals and Customer Support

The site does not mention about its maximum payout. But all of your winnings are deposited to your bitcoin accounts every day. The minimum payout however is set at 0.001 BTC.

A lot of Bitcoin Video Casino Reviews have noticed that the site lacks live support. If you want to report issues regarding the site, or the games, you can send them an email at admin@bitcoinvideocasino.com. You can also send them a tweet at @BTCVideoCasino or talk to fellow players on this website through the comments.

Awesome Referral Bonus!

This Bitcoin Video Casino gives great rewards for players who are able to invite fellow casino players to the site. You simply need to give them the referral link. The user will need to deposits bitcoins in the bitcoin wallet of the site, and start playing a game, for the referral to be counted.

The site has a simple table to explain how you can increase the rate of your House Edge depending on the number of users you refer. If you make up to 9 referees, you can get 5% increase, if you can invite up to 49 users, you get 10%. You can get up to 25% House Edge increase as you have more than 100 users.

Is Bitcoin Video Casino Provably Fair?

All of the games in this web based online casino are provably fair. Before your chosen game starts, the game’s server will choose a random seed number for you. Then they system creates a SHA-256 hash for the server seed and sends the information to your web browsers. You may then use this hash for verification.

bitcoin video casino provably fair

Your server also does the same by sending its own random seed number to our gaming server. Our server combines both of the seeds and inputs it into the Mersenne Twister Algorithm that gives another number sequence that will be used to identify the deck of cards to be used.

After the game, players can verify the provability fair of the game by using the hash given before the game started to that of hash used by the site in the game.

Bitcoin Video Casino House Edge

  • Video Poker: :0.25%
  • Blackjack: :0.40%
  • Roulette: :0.50%
  • Craps: :0.20%
  • Keno: :0.50%
  • Slots: :0.50%
  • Dice: :0.50%

These, however, can be reduced through referrals, if we are getting the site’s texts right. We presume that the referrals will lower the house edge. If you refer up to 9 players, the house edge will be reduced by 5%. For 10-49 referrals, it will be reduced by 10%. For 50-99 players, the house edge reduction will be at 20%. If you get to refer more than a hundred players, it will be reduced by 25%.

We have contacted Bitcoin Video Reviews by email for a clarification on this but we have not received a response yet. It is possible that the referral-house edge percentages could also mean bitcoin values like 25% x 0.50% (0.25×0.0050) or 0.00125 bitcoins.

Bitcoin Video Casino Game License & Security

Bitcoin Video Casino started back in 2012. Unfortunately, its gaming license is not revealed in the site or in any other Bitcoin Video Casino review.

The web-based casino is now for sale, but it still continues to operate under its original developers. According to details posted on the site, the developers are looking for someone else to take over the operation of their online casino. Due to the growing population of their patrons as well as the booming bitcoin casino industry, they purportedly want someone who can improve the quality of their site.

As for the overall security of the site, players are well assured that their identities are kept concealed by the algorithms used here.

The anonymity of the bitcoin industry is the main level for security. The second level is facilitated by Bitcoin Video Casino security. As long as you keep the personal URL that the site will give you as your login detail, your bitcoins are safe from others. The site is only available in English texts.

Some More Information

You can follow their twitter page @BTCVideoCasino for the latest news and updates for the site. For information about Limitation of Liability, Inactive Account Rules, Game Forfeiture, Game Malfunction and Personal Information, click the Terms of Service link at the bottom of the homepage. It’s a javascript popup so we can’t link it here. Also, if you are also interested in API to build your own app and increase the number of your referral, you can check out their API page.

Pros and Cons


  • 5% claimed return rate
  • Referral Bonus worth 25% increase in House Edge for each games
  • Hassle Free Gaming that doesn’t need sign in details
  • Daily Cash Out to your account
  • It has easy to understand games
  • The layout and the design are easy on the eyes
  • Bitcoin Video Casino isProvably Fair


  • The site lacks live chat support
  • Transaction fee applied to all withdrawals regardless of the amount
  • The graphics, design, and layout are direly outdated
  • No iOS app and the Android app is not on Google Play

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  1. How about the fact that this site has the WORST rules for blackjack ANYWHERE?

    No peek -so if you double down against a 10 and the dealer has blackjack, you LOSE BOTH BETS.

    No surrender

    You’re FORCED to chip in to some BS bonus – whether you play it or not.

    Unwillingness of management to do any kind of historical analysis. Example: They’ll hide behind the provably fair claim, without ever proving statistically that the games are fair.

    Example: We tracked over 80,000 hands. The last 500 times the dealer had a 12, they busted on the next hand exact 30% (almost EXACTLY what the odds say they should). The last 500 times player had a 12 and hit, they busted 52% of the time. We’re to believe this is just a statistical anomaly? The odds of getting a blackjack is supposed to be around 4%. Yet over the last 200 times the player got blackjack, the dealer had a blackjack in the very next hand 9%, and within 3 hands 27% of the time.

    They’ll feed you provably fair bull****, without ever helping prove it by showing true stats on historical play.

    Players shouldn’t have to spend hours breaking down numbers just to prove a site is shady.

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