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Bitcoin Sports and E-Sport Betting Partners Supported by Ultraplay

The latest online gaming brands, Arcanebet and Mbitcasino chose to use the UltraPlay’s gaming technology solutions. The extensive online gaming platform with a wide selection of compelling games with a unique focus on bitcoin sports betting solution, Mbitcasino, targets the marvellous growth of people around the world. The target is mainly about people who decide to choose bitcoin games and transactions.

Aside from this, UltraPlay is also trying to expand its business selections of specialized e-sports in the online gaming platform with the well-known website, Arcanebet. Arcanebet is solely dedicated to e-sport betting. UltraPlay offers a variety of favorable odds for the most competitive and popular games which include Hearthstone CS: GO, Starcraft, League of Legends etc. This is possible due to its leadership position, painstaking e-sports knowledge, and experience. All this is complemented by the live betting opportunity which enhances the thrill of watching e-sports.

“Welcoming the two gaming platforms on our board are another statement for the company’s capacity and expertise to provide unbeatable e-sports, sports betting and bitcoin solutions. With us, Mbitcasino and Arcanebet will make further steps in the betting world, and will offer a superior e-sports experience to players,” said Mario Ovcharov, Chief Marketing Officer at UltraPlay.

The impact of UltraPlay in the gaming sector cannot be overlooked. They recently extended their partnership system with Beinvest and Golden-race.

UltraPlay the leading e-sports betting company officially announced the deal which they signed with Golden Race and Betinvest. This deal was signed to further enrich and extend business perspectives on a worldwide scale while providing massive top-class sports betting solutions and virtual contents.

“With the company’s core ambition to offer a wide variety of winning products to its customers, UltraPlay has successfully started another fruitful partnership with two of the best sports product providers Betinvest and Golden Race.”, said the company’s CEO Dariy Margaritov.

Betinvest’s VP of Business Development, Valentin Kurylenko also expressed the same feelings and commented: “As a globally renowned company for its sophisticated and diversified sports betting turnkey solutions, Betinvest is totally prepared to deliver next level of online gaming experience. UltraPlay is among the e-Sports betting leaders which will further enhance its sports products with our business collaboration.”

UltraPlay’s partnership with Golden Race has come out with well-known virtual sports products. Amongst these are horse racing, 3D virtual football games, and greyhounds expected to bring more high-quality games to their customers on the online gaming platforms. “Engaging the players 24/7 with matches and races every 5 minutes, Golden Race will definitely enrich the virtual sports section of UltraPlay’s platform”, said Martin Watcher, CEO of Golden Race.

“UltraPlay is determined to score top results for its online platform while partnering with some of the best betting services and virtual sports providers. What we have seen so far is the increased demand and popularity of Golden Race and Betinvest solutions. Joining forces to deliver top notch products in the online gaming industry, we strongly believe in the positive outcome and expansion of our clients’ network while also making a further step ahead in the sports betting ecosystem”, concluded Dariy Margaritov.

The wave by which UltrPplay has been making this year is mind-blowing. They also showed their best form at the ICE 2017. Since UltraPlay has shown its commitment to the whole e-sports scene in numerous times, ICE will be no exception in terms of such development. The biggest leading provider of e-sport betting products attended the biggest and most prestigious gaming exhibition in the calendar. This program included the interactions with professional players, the ability for exhibitors and visitors to test their gaming abilities and skills against the professional team which is being created by UltraPlay-Outlaws.

Outlaws were also able to be part of the famous tournament, and visitors were able to watch the whole events live on the spot. This was made possible through a special PCs and broadcasting screens which were provided in the gaming area. The PCs and the broadcasting screens did not host only the above mentioned “beat-the-pro” challenge. The event was awesome because different prices were given to anyone who actually dared to challenge the professionals with a team or single game.

Not just that but UltraPlay also sponsored the e-sport conference which actually took place February 2017.

The conference begun with the introduction to e-sport universe, and also considered few topics with several industry professionals. The head of e-sports trading at UltraPlay, Peter Ivanov also explained all the possibilities in making a successful business in one of the most modern and technology sections.

The presentations read by this two personnel answered all the questions on how to successfully prepare your business in e-sport or even how to start one. Fast growing casino websites like My Bitcoin Slot will therefore make good use of the presentation.

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