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BitcoinLottery.Club Review

Bitcoin Lottery is a simple lottery game where you can win bitcoins. It is dubbed as a free bitcoin lottery. This site allows you to win bitcoins without having to place a bet.

Bitcoin Lottery is a simple lottery game where you can win bitcoins. It is dubbed as a free bitcoin lottery. This site allows you to win bitcoins without having to place a bet. At the time we did this review, the site claimed that it had 4,462 registered users and that it had already awarded 0.4610 BTC in prizes. The highest prize awarded is said to be 0.0935 BTC. Certainly, these numbers are nowhere near impressive but they should not discourage you from considering this site as one of your online bitcoin betting options. Bitcoin Lottery is mainly advertising-driven and…

Bitcoinlottery.club Ratings

Trust - 99%
Quality - 94%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 86%
User Rating: 2.7 ( 1 votes)

At the time we did this review, the site claimed that it had 4,462 registered users and that it had already awarded 0.4610 BTC in prizes. The highest prize awarded is said to be 0.0935 BTC. Certainly, these numbers are nowhere near impressive but they should not discourage you from considering this site as one of your online bitcoin betting options.

Bitcoin Lottery is mainly advertising-driven and partly donation-driven. It’s a BTC gambling site that does not ask for money from its players. There are no registration fees. Even better, you don’t even have to place a bet or buy a ticket. It’s really as free as free can get. These should explain the relatively low prize figures mentioned earlier. You can’t expect to hit Powerball-like prizes and you shouldn’t. After all, this site does not even try to take any bitcoin from you.

Get to know more about this site that provides you opportunities to get bitcoins online by going over our Bitcoin Lottery review.

Bitcoin Lottery Homepage

Account Registration

Signing up for a Bitcoin Lottery account is a quick and simple process. The registration form only asks for your email address and bitcoin address. The registration process, supposedly, should only take a few seconds.

We have to note in this Bitcoin Lottery review, though, that at the time we evaluated the site, there was a problem with the account registration process. It kept saying that there was an “unexpected error” and that we should contact the site’s support team. Well, we tried contacting the support team and we encountered another error (more on this in the Support section of this review).

We failed to sign up for an account but we decided to proceed with this review since signing up is not really a necessity. There are enough information in the site and in other sources to objectively evaluate what Bitcoin Lottery has to offer.

Anyway, you only need to register once and you will be forever included in the lottery.

Bitcoin Lottery Account Registration

The Bitcoin Lottery Game

We have to make this clear. Bitcoin Lottery is not like your typical online bitcoin betting site. It’s not designed to keep you on its page for a long time. If you are looking for a full-fledged online casino with a wide variety of online games, this is not the site for you. Bitcoin Lottery offers just one game. Obviously, it’s a lottery game. There will be some waiting time. You don’t get to enjoy the thrill and fun of fast-paced bitcoin table games or bitcoin live casino sites.

To play on Bitcoin Lottery, you need to have an account. Essentially, what you are doing during the account registration process is simply the registration of your bitcoin address. The registration will get your bitcoin wallet address included in all of the draws. You will receive an email confirmation regarding the inclusion of your bitcoin wallet address in the draws. You actually don’t have to do anything much to play. You just have to wait for the daily lottery results.

Bitcoin Lottery Game

There is at least one winner each day. According to Bitcoin Lottery’s FAQ page, the winner is “selected randomly.

No Betting, No Drawing

One of the most notable things about Bitcoin Lottery is that players are not required to make any bet or deposit to win. The winner is just chosen randomly. There are no lots drawn. Players don’t bet on a set of numbers or outcome. It’s just a one-off registration and all bitcoin wallet addresses registered are already included in all of the games. It’s supposedly a lottery game but there is no draw conducted.

To find out if you won the lottery for the day, you need to visit the site to check the list of winners. There is no fixed schedule for the announcement of the winner so you really have to visit the site to check. You need to claim your prize within 24 hours. Failure to do so will lead to the forfeiture of the prize.

Bitcoin Lottery Game Fairness and Software

Bitcoin Lottery uses its proprietary software. This software, though, does not yield a provably fair bitcoin lottery game. There is no way to verify the fairness of how the winners are chosen. While all of the winning bitcoin wallet addresses are listed on the site, we couldn’t be sure if these are all true. Also, as we reviewed the comprehensive listing of previous winners, we found that many of the prizes were not claimed.

Bitcoin Lottery Archive of Winners

Bitcoin Lottery Is Mobile-Friendly

Although being mobile-friendly does not really matter a lot when it comes to Bitcoin Lottery, we just want to mention that its website is compatible with mobile web browsing. The simple Bitcoin Lottery website employs a responsive web design so its layout and the amount of content shown are automatically adjusted depending on the display size of the mobile device used to load it. It does not come with a dedicated mobile app for playing on iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices. Such an app is unnecessary anyway.

Bitcoin Lottery Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

As the site’s name implies, Bitcoin Lottery is a lottery that uses bitcoins as its only currency. All winnings are in bitcoins or BTC. Prizes are stated in BTC.

Again, there is no depositing involved in Bitcoin Lottery. If you play on this bitcoin lottery site, you don’t have to make any deposit. All you need to do is to get an account or register your bitcoin wallet address. Once you successfully get an account and have your bitcoin wallet address included in the lottery, you just have to wait if you win. There’s nothing else to do but to wait.

Moreover, there is no withdrawal function on Bitcoin Lottery. Well, that’s rather obvious since you are not making any deposit. However, you have a Claim Prize button on the site. If you win, you just have to log into your account and click on the Claim Prize button. The prize will be transferred immediately to the bitcoin wallet address you used to register your account. It’s a one-click process. However, as mentioned earlier, if you happen to be the winner of a prize, you need to make sure that you claim your prize within 24 hours from the time the winner was announced. Otherwise, you will lose the prize. The amount will be sent back to the prize fund, increasing the prize for the next draw.

Bonuses and Promotions

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Lottery does not offer any form of bonus or promotion. Naturally, since there are no deposits, you can’t expect a deposit bonus or a bitcoin casino reload bonus from this site. There is no sign up bonus. The site also does not have an affiliate or player referral program. If you are going to play on Bitcoin Lottery, expect to only possibly get the prize from the lottery and nothing more.

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

There is no country restriction imposed on Bitcoin Lottery. After all, it provides the complete anonymity advantage you can get from anonymous bitcoin casino sites. The site does not ask for personal details from players. As stated in the Account Registration section of this Bitcoin Lottery review, the only details necessary to be able to play are your email address and bitcoin wallet address. Still, the site requires players to be at least be 18 years old. Just like other BTC gambling sites, Bitcoin Lottery only accepts players who are of legal age.

Bitcoin Lottery appears to be only available in the English language but we unintentionally stumbled upon a Russian language version of the site as we tried to look for useful information in the search-engine-indexed pages of the site. If you want to access the Russian version, just change the “en” part of the URL to “ru” (from “http://bitcoinlottery.club/en/ to http://bitcoinlottery.club/ru/”). The language selector only shows “English” as the option but you can actually see a Russian version.

Bitcoin Lottery Russian Version

Bitcoin Lottery Player Support

Support on Bitcoin Lottery is provided through email. You can send your questions, complaints, or requests for assistance to team@bitcoinlottery.club. You may also use the contact form on the Contact Us page of the site. Bitcoin Lottery promises to provide a response within 24 hours but does not guarantee 24/7 customer support.

As mentioned in the first part of this Bitcoin Lottery review, we had a problem contacting the site’s support team. Every time we clicked the Submit button, the contact form kept flashing the following error: “Error! Please try again later or contact our support team! Error code: Internal Server Error.” We are inclined to believe that this problem is related to our account registration failure. Something’s wrong with Bitcoin Lottery’s server—a temporary error hopefully.

Of course, this was not the only way to contact the site’s support team. There’s still the option to send a direct email to the address indicated on the site. However, at the time we posted this review, we still did not receive any response.

Bitcoin Lottery Support

Moreover, Bitcoin Lottery has a Twitter account. It’s not an updated Twitter account, though. The latest tweet for this account was in October 2015.

Bitcoin Lottery License, Regulation, Security, and Issues

There is no information on the Bitcoin Lottery website regarding its licence and regulation. Likewise, there is nothing mentioned about how secure the site is. We can’t confidently say that the site is really completely reliable. After all, the account registration itself was already problematic at the time we did this Bitcoin Lottery review. We also failed to get a response for our inquiries when we tried to contact the site’s support team.

Interestingly, Bitcoin Lottery features a Reviews page, which shows mostly one-liner “reviews” from players. These reviews consistently praise the site, with some expressing thanks. We were somehow skeptical with these so-called reviews because we have seen a similar strategy of using “reviews” employed by carpet cleaning, locksmith, and HVAC service companies. The idea is to try to create a positive impression online by paying SEO writers to write favorable short “reviews” and make them appear as the words from actual players of the site. The good thing with Bitcoin Lottery, though, is that these reviews are paired with links to Blockchain details to prove that there really were actual transfers of bitcoins taking place. Somehow, these Blockchain details lend a hint of veracity to these “reviews.”

Bitcoin Lottery Blockchain Info


Bitcoin Lottery is a site that is not intended to be an alternative for any full-fledged bitcoin casino. For the most part, it’s a site you can try only to supplement your opportunities for winning bitcoins online. You can sign up for an account here and just occasionally visit the site to check if you won something while playing at more interactive games in other bitcoin betting sites. We could easily recommend this site to our readers since it does not really ask you for anything other than your time but it provides you the opportunity to win some bitcoins. However, we find it slightly off-putting that the fairness of the selection of winners cannot be verified. While the winners are listed on the site, our skepticism refuses to be suppressed.

The supposedly random selection of the winners does not make use of a software that has been independently tested for fairness. Yes, you are not required to make any bet to be able to win but you are asked to regularly visit the site for the page impressions, which help generate advertising revenues for Bitcoin Lottery. Also, the prizes are not that big. If you are just going to submit to a setup wherein you are required to regularly visit the site to check if you win some small prizes, it might be better to just look for a bitcoin faucet site.

If you are wondering how Bitcoin Lottery generates its prize fund, the site says it’s through advertising. It also solicits donations to raise the prize fund. Basically, the site makes money because of player traffic. That’s why the site is set up in such a way that it encourages players to keep visiting the site for more page impressions and possible ad clicks.

Pros and Cons


  • Win bitcoins without having to place a bet
  • Play anonymously
  • You only need to register once to participate in all of the games (daily). You only need to check the site to see if you won and claim your prize.


  • Account registration problem
  • Low prizes
  • Interface could use some improvements

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