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The Best Bitcoin Gambling Games

Bitcoin Gambling sites are now offering a vast selection of games in order to give their customers the variety and quality of game they want. It is important to understand each game to give yourself the best odds of a big payday. Here are the top 20 bitcoin gambling games offered at the biggest bitcoin casinos.

1. Bitcoin Blackjack

Perhaps the most popular and well known casino table game available and Bitcoin gambling game, this classic form of gambling is all about the number 21. Both player and the house dealer are attempting to get to 21 or as close as possible to it without going over. There a many nuances to the game that can enhance your play style and odds of winning. There are numerous blackjack strategy guides available on the internet to learn from.
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2. Bitcoin Roulette

A game that has been very popular since casinos first started operating, Bitcoin roulette Games involves better on where a ball will land on a spun wheel. The wheel itself is made up of numbered, alternating red and black spaces that also contains two green spaces. You can place simple bets like dozens, red or black, and odd or even numbers. These simple wagers are called outside bets. Players can also place more advanced bets called inside wagers.  These include single number wagers and splits, which are two number wagers. The odds of each of these bets determines the payout. A single number bet pays off 35-1!


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3. Slots

Bitcoin Slots are a mainstay of any casino experience, and this is no different for online bitcoin gambling. Slots involve the player placing a wager each time they spin the slot wheel. There are a number of icons that will spin and randomly stop. When the icons stop and come up with the same icon or a combination that the game pays off for, you win! Bitcoin Slots can be very exciting because it is a rush each time you place the bet and the slot begins to spin. Slots also eliminate the need to pursue a certain strategy, and are a perfect form of bitcoin gambling for those who just want to be entertained and not have to worry about strategy. There is also the element of entertainment that slots offer. They are often made with popular themes like Ironman or Monopoly. This added element of fun makes them feel more like a video game, but the money you can win is very real!

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4. Bingo

Another classic, bingo involves you getting a game card that is a 5*5 matrix. Each column is represented by a number from 1-5 and the letters B-I-N-G-O. The object is for the player to form a specific pattern like a complete horizontal or vertical line. If you accomplish this first then you are declared the winner. Bingo is another great game to casually gamble, since it involves luck and persistence much more than any real strategy.


5. Bitcoin Baccarat

Baccarat gives the players three different options:  Tie, Banker, and Player. Two cards are dealt to each player once everyone places their bets. One hand represents the banker hand and the other the player hand. Then the hands are added up. Hands that add up to over ten drop the ten, so a 9 and a 2 would add up to 11. When the ten is dropped the hand equals one. The winner of the two hands is whomever has the higher hand, and all the bets made on the winning hand are paid.

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6. Fortune Wheel

A very simple but very fun game, Fortune Wheel involves the spinning of a wheel with 52 sections on it. Players bet on one of 6 symbols that are on the wheel. The wheel is then spun, and the symbol upon which the wheel stops is the winner. This game is so much fun for casual bettors.

7. Keno

Bitcoin Keno is essentially a lottery type game. Each player has the option of picking up to 20 numbers on a card that has a total of 80 numbers. When the bets are placed, the bitcoin gambling site will produce 20 randomly drawn numbers. The object of the player is to match as many of his numbers as possible. The more numbers you match, the higher payout you get.


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8. Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow is a form of poker where the player is pitted against the house instead of the other players at the table. Each player and the dealer are dealt 7 cards. Players then try to form the best traditional poker 2 and 5 card hands with those 7 cards. The 5 card hand must outrank the 2 card hand. If the player has a better 2 card and 5 card hand than the dealer, the player wins. If the opposite is true, the dealer wins. If both dealer and player have one winning hand each, the bet is declared a push and nobody wins.

9. Craps

Bitcoin Craps can be a very easy game if you want it to be, or a very complex one if you choose. The game itself is high energy, involving one player throwing the dice and the bets placed being dependent upon which number the dice land. The main focus of the game is the Pass Line, where the player is essentially better on whether a 7 will come before other bets they have placed. It is recommended that you look into a basic Bitcoin craps guide before you attempt to play, as it there are a large number of bets you can take with vastly differing odds.

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10. Poker

Poker is a fantastic game of big hands and bluffing. Pitting you against other players, the object of the game is to either make a big hand and beat your opponents hand, or to make them fold their hand and leave you the winner. There are numerous different versions of this game, but the most popular is Texas Hold ‘Em. In this version of the game, each player is dealt two cards face down. There is a round of betting, during which you can raise the bet, call another bet, or fold your hand. Then three cards are dealt face up. These are community cards which everyone can use to try to make the best 5 card poker hand. 2 more cards are dealt face up one at a time, with a round of betting in between. When the last card is dealt, the player with the best 5 card hand or the player that made all other players fold their hand takes all the bets that have been placed.


11. Video Poker

Bitcoin Video Poker is played against the house instead of against other players. Each player will be dealt 5 cards, and decide whether or not to hold those cards or to fold them and request new ones. Players can choose which cards they wish to fold, and which ones they wish to keep. The object of the game is to create the highest possible 5 card poker hand. If you wind up with nothing, you lose your bet. If you make a big hand like a flush, full house, or 4 of a kind, then you will be paid off handsomely.

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12. 3 Card Rummy

A very popular bitcoin gambling game, 3 card rummy is a variation of poker. The player and the dealer both receive 3 cards, with the object being to have fewer points than the dealer. Cards are ranked according to their poker value, with the exception of aces always being low. Face cards are worth 10 points each. Players then have the option of raising or folding their hands. Then the dealer flips his cards, and need 20 points or less to qualify. The player wins if the dealer does not qualify, but if he does the dealer and player compare hands with the winner being the lowest. This is a really fun game with quite a few bonus bets that can be made to enhance your experience.

13. Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game hailing from ancient China. Essentially you are wagering on the outcome of a roll of 3 dice. There are a ton of different bets you can make, anything from betting on 3 of the same number appearing to betting that the total of the three dice will equal a range of numbers. Like with craps, Sic Bo has different payouts depending upon the odds of the bet type you choose.

sic bo

14. Bitcoin Dice

No article on bitcoin gambling games would be complete without mentioning the classic bitcoin dice game. This is a very simple game that does not require much strategy, but it can be advantageous to look over a basic guide. Basically you are betting on the outcome of roll of two dice. Most sites offer two or only one type of bet. Roll-Hi means you are saying that the number you select will be higher than the outcome of the role. Roll-Lo means the exact opposite of that. Players are paid if they correctly predict the high or low. Some sites only offer Roll-Lo bets, which means you your number needs to be lower than the outcome of the roll to win.

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15. Dragon Tiger

A game rising in popularity, Dragon Tiger is essentially a two card version of Baccarat. Two cards are drawn to both the Tiger and the Dragon hands, and players bet on which will have the higher hand. Players can also choose to bet on a tie, which pays 8-1, or a number of side proposition bets. Dragon Tiger is a fun variant, but it does not offer as good of odds as Baccarat does.

16. Caribbean Poker

Another poker variant that is played against the house instead of other players, Caribbean Poker involves each player and the dealer being dealt 5 cards each to start. One of the bankers cards is face up, giving the players a chance to see a little of what they are up against. Players then can choose to call bet, which doubles their original bet, or they can surrender, giving the house their ante. After this round of betting the showdown occurs, in which the house needs to have at least A-K in their hand or better or the players automatically win. If the dealer has at least A-K then the house hand is compared to the players hand, with the player winning if he has a better hand than the dealer. The call bet pays out at different odds, which go up the better your winning hand is. Royal Flushes pay out at 100-1!

17. Binary Trading

This is a fun BTC gambling game that is comparable to sports betting. Essentially bettors are looking to predict whether or not something will go up or down in value. This is a much more labor intensive form of bitcoin casino gambling if you wish to be successful long term. Charts need to be studied and patterns picked out. If you just have a gut feeling though, you can wager on that alone. Lots of big bitcoin online casinos offer binary trading as a game.

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