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Bitcoin Creator Patents Technology with Computer Scientist and Gambling Tycoon

Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who is popularly known as the creator of Bitcoin is currently undertaking a project with a fugitive online gambling entrepreneur, Calvin Ayre.  The project aims to file scores of patents relating to the digital currency as well as its underlying technology, Blockchain. The project is financed by Calvin Ayre, a wealthy Canadian entrepreneur who is reported to have made money from the illegal online gambling business.

Arye has however been indicted in the United States of America on the charges of running illegal gambling operations online. Arye denied the accusations. The discredited self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, Craig Wright has been filing roughly 70 Blockchain related patent applications in the United Kingdom. Craig Wright is an Australian computer scientist. According to an investigation reported by the Reuters News Agency which reviews documents regarding the connection, Craig Wright’s efficiency of filing the patent applications are more than all other people and the firms in the world combined.

The patents range from the storage of medical documents to Wi-Fi security. This is, therefore, a reflection of Wright’s knowledge on how Bitcoin and Blockchain operate. Bitcoin is giving existing digital payment systems good competition. It is winning the popularity race.

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Blockchain has been predicted to challenge traditional payment systems. Therefore, banks are investing large sums of money in exploring how Blockchain can revolutionize payment systems while reducing costs.

Also, Blockchain is believed by the increasing entrepreneurs that it has the potential to defy authorities trying to limit its operation by setting up national regulations to enforce borders. This is always positive in areas where there is an operation of internet gambling and casino platforms like Kudos casino. Its confidentiality is seen as the reason for its popularity. The rise of bitcoin this year is partly attributed to the speculation that the first bitcoin exchange-traded fund is set to receive U.S. regulatory approval. Bitcoin currency reached more than $1,200 after a sharp rise this year.

Documents discovered shows that Wright’s link and interest to online gambling date back to the decades, and the bitcoin grew and became popular out of codes developed with gambling in mind. However, recent code discovered by reporters and analyzed by a computer coding consultant with no ties to Wright or any Blockchain related project contains unimplemented functions related to a poker.

The vision for bitcoin in his research papers and interview transcripts goes beyond poker. However, it is yet to be known whether Satoshi is an individual or group. In a quest to come out with a revelation to this, some of the documents, including two folders of computer code for early versions of bitcoin which has been thoroughly investigated prove that he was involved in the development of cryptocurrency before it became public in 2009.

In a paper he wrote in 2015, he suggested the widespread application of bitcoin: “The bitcoin Blockchain can be scaled up to replace all existing payment system networks to become the world’s single global economic infrastructure.”

In some of his connection with Antiqua, Wright filed patents through a company by the name EITC in Antiqua, according to reports.

Wright’s Claim to Fame

The Australian Taxation office investigated him years ago. Wright told them in 2014 that he created software for gambling and casino sites when he was writing computer code that later developed into Bitcoin. According to someone closer to Wright, he began working for Bodog in 2010. Ayre had however set Bodog up in the 1990s. It developed into a very lucrative venture that Ayre featured in 2006 “billionaires” issue of Forbes magazine. His gambling and Casino business was based in Costa Rica even though most of his players were in the US.

In February 2012, the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland indicted Bodog, Ayre and four others, but Wright not among them, for allegedly conducting an illegal gambling business between 2005 and 2012. These online casinos have been profitable ventures. They promise players with huge winnings and this  engaged many despite strict regulations imposed by authorities.

Wright worked on computer code with an American cyber security consultant by the name David Kleiman, and they obtained 1.1 million bitcoin, worth more than $1billion. Kleiman, however, died in 2013, and Wright revealed their activities in an interview. In September that same year, EITC Holdings, the Antiguan Company that has filed scores of patents, was incorporated, and it was originally registered under the name NCrypt Holdings. That month, two different companies — The Workshop Technologies and The Workshop Ventures were however incorporated in Britain with Ayre’s associate MacGregor as their sole director.

Meanwhile, in Antiqua, Arye had a $25 million call center established. “I see a growing convergence of Bitcoin, online gaming, virtual reality and gamification technologies, and progressive countries like Antigua are poised to take advantage of this convergence by developing a truly global services industry,”  a speech note delivered by Pownall, Ayre’s spokesman. It is seen in an overview and presentation slides that Arye made propels to some government including the Antiqua’s government concerning the official adoption of Bitcoin as its currency.

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