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Bitcoin Benefits for Online Casinos Center Stage of 11th Annual Russian Gaming Week 

This week online casino enthusiasts, owners, and players will be gathering in Moscow to discuss and learn about all the benefits of online gambling. Taking center stage, however, will be a day practically dedicated to lecturing on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and the benefits it has on the online casino industry. With the value of Bitcoin only increasing and pushing past $2,500 per 1 BTC, online players are trying to figure out how to get their hands on Bitcoins quickly. Likewise, many casinos are trying to adapt quickly to include Bitcoin play if it is not yet available. Even more so, since 2014 over 4.5 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin has been wagered at various online casinos around the world.

Russian Gaming Week (RGW) is a two-day International Gambling and Entertainment exhibition and business program. Representatives and experts from all the leading gambling companies around the world come together to discuss and learn about the future of online gambling and what prospects exist and how to implement them legally.

This is the 11th gaming conference that will host Russian speakers as well as foreign nationals. Large turnouts are expected as the focus this year will be on gambling with mobile devices and social media, as well as advertising, and Russian gaming expansion.

Obvious participants will include online casino developers and owners, affiliates, game developers, online gaming operators, certification and quality control specialists, as well as, security system developers and media members from the industry. This will be a great opportunity for the experts in each of these fields to create a social network and expand business opportunities around the world, so the online gambler can get the most for their bet.

While the first day of the conference will focus on bookmaking and preparation for eSports, Russian Sports, the 2018 FIFA World Cup and other sports advertising and related topics, the second day will turn its attention to the online casinos themselves and what there is to be gained. A large portion of the day will be dedicated to the incorporation of bitcoin into the online casino scene.

In a press release from Smile Expo, the conference will help address questions about the rapid growth of Bitcoin and the increase in popular digital currencies. It will present lectures to help fill the vacuum of why there is a need for Bitcoin payments and even blockchain services in the online gambling industry:

“Why digital tokens are beneficial, how transactions go, what are debit BTC cards and what tasks may be solved with the help of blockchain? These and other questions will be answered by the invited crypto experts. Lectures and discussions will also cover topics relating to analytics and the application of payment systems as well as how to attract new players.”

Specifically to be discussed about Bitcoin and its relevance to online gambling on June 8 includes:

  • Aleksandra Fetisova, a Project Manager for DAO.Casino will speak about “Blockchain Reshaping the World of Online Gambling” and how it will open new market opportunities around the world.
  • Max Krupyshev, the COO of Cubits, will discuss the “Benefits of Bitcoin for the Gaming Industry.”
  • Eric Benz, the Managing Director at Cryptopay will discuss “Cryptopay Bitcoin Payouts and Debit Cards.”
  • Levon Nikoghosyan, the CEO of PartnerMatrix will be discussing Affiliate Systems and suggestions and methods that work.

With Bitcoin online casinos popping out all around the world, perfecting the experience for the player has become a key strategy for all site developers. Recently we have seen huge payouts for Bitcoin jackpots, including two $50,000 payments over two days. The jackpots only continue to increase as players go to these Bitcoin casinos with hopes of striking it big while wagering very small mBTC bets. Another jackpot is inevitable. However, the general experience of playing at a bitcoin casino online will also develop more into the future.

And countries are respecting this new found love for online casinos that feature Bitcoin payouts too. For example, Japan now accepts Bitcoin as a legal currency, while many countries including the United States still view Bitcoin as a commodity and product, not a centralized bank currency. Other countries such as Antigua and Barbuda is seeking Bitcoin legitimization through laws to bolster its online casino market.

The trend appears to be moving in the direction of Bitcoin and consequently for these online playing venues, the increased need and development of better Bitcoin casinos online. For 11 years the RGW in Moscow has developed and taught about improving online casinos and gaming. Now this conference will be the first to fully address why and how Bitcoin will improve these casinos moving forward.

The conference will take place  June 7 and 8 and tickets are still available, though, no longer at any discounted price. If you plan on being at the conference we would love to hear your feedback. Please leave them in the comments section below.

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