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BitBlackRed Review

BitBlackRed is a bitcoin betting site that offers online gambling enthusiasts a simple and fast way to win prizes without the need to master a skill or without exerting so much effort. It offers a simple game novice as well as experienced BTC gambling enthusiasts would enjoy.

BitBlackRed is a bitcoin betting site that offers online gambling enthusiasts a simple and fast way to win prizes without the need to master a skill or without exerting so much effort. It offers a simple game novice as well as experienced BTC gambling enthusiasts would enjoy. BitBlackRed is an interesting BTC gambling site with a near interface and simple game mechanics. It used to have been aggressively promoted when it was launched. At present, though, there seems to be little to no interaction of the site’s owners with the players. The site’s Bitcointalk thread has no recent posts. The…

BitBlackRed Ratings:

Trust - 83%
Quality - 87%
Promotions - 90%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 86%
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BitBlackRed is an interesting BTC gambling site with a near interface and simple game mechanics. It used to have been aggressively promoted when it was launched. At present, though, there seems to be little to no interaction of the site’s owners with the players. The site’s Bitcointalk thread has no recent posts. The site’s Twitter account has not been updated for nearly two years now.
Despite the apparent attractiveness of BitBlackRed as an option for those who want to gamble their BTCs in a simple but enjoyable game, there are important details that need to be taken into account. To know what these details are, be sure to read further into our BitBlackRed review.
BitBlackRed Homepage

Super Fast But Slightly Complicated Account Registration

The very first thing you need to do (the site will ask you) as you access the BitBlackRed website is to sign up for an account. This should only take a few seconds as you will only be asked for your desired nickname or username and email address. After clicking on the Create an Account button, you should already get your account. You will be automatically logged into your account.
We actually did not receive any email from BitBlackRed regarding our account creation. We suppose the site is only asking for an email address during the registration process for the purpose of password recovery. Well, if you may have noticed, there’s actually no password required during the account registration process. You will only be able to set up your password by going to your profile page by clicking on your nickname.
BitBlackRed Account Registration
It is very important that you set up a password for your account. Otherwise, you will not be able to log in to your account later on. The login form requires a password. You can’t just log in by simply entering your nickname, just like what can be done with 10xBTC, a single-game bitcoin betting site we have reviewed earlier.

Account Dashboard

The BitBlackRed account dashboard is as basic as it can get. You get a Profile page (as a modal window) that only enables the editing of your nickname and the adding/editing of your password.  The rest of the account dashboard functions are only for the basic Deposit and Cashout tasks.
There’s a Settings link but it actually only goes to the Profile page. Also, here’s a very trivial complaint we just want to state, the Log-in button on the top part of the site does not disappear even when we were already logged in. It’s a little distracting. In most sites, this should already be replaced by a Log Out link or button. On BitBlackRed, there’s actually no button or link for logging out.
BitBlackRed Account Dashboard

The BitBlackRed Game

BitBlackRed has only one game with very simple mechanics. It’s a game about guessing colors. The goal is simply to predict the color of the next card, either black or red. That’s a 50-50 chance of guessing the correct outcome.
To play, you just have to set your bet amount and click on the color you want (black or red). It’s that simple. The game interface is highly intuitive. There’s nothing much you need to figure out. The buttons are self-explanatory. You can manually enter the amount of your bet or you can use the min, x2, and max buttons. The minimum bet amount is 0.000001 BTC.
If you correctly predict the right color, you get to double your bet amount. There are no other prize schemes. It’s either you win and double your bet or you lose and have the bet amount removed from your account balance. Your winnings are automatically reflected on your account balance.
BitBlackRed Game
The results of recently played games are presented on the right side of the game interface, together with the names of the players who won.
BitBlackRed, by the way, can be considered a bitcoin multiplayer game. All players access the same game.
Unfortunately, BitBlackRed does not have a free bitcoin faucet. There is also no Demo version of the game. You really need to make a deposit before you can play. As such, we cannot consider it a free bitcoin casino. Also, the site’s house edge and payout rate are not presented.

BitBlackRed Game Software and Fairness

The BitBlackRed game uses proprietary software and is claimed to be provably fair. It has Bet Verification page (link is on the top part of the site, beside the Log-in button).
The random numbers used to determine the results of the game are generated using three variables. These are the server seed, bet time (in UTC), and the client seed. The SHA-512 hash of the server seed and the client seed are shown on the lower right corner of the site.
BitBlackRed Is Provably Fair
To verify the fairness of a game result, as presented on the site, you just have to get the SHA-512 hash of the server seed, the time when the bet was made, and the client seed. You have to get the first 8 digits of the new SHA-512 hash and have it converted to decimal form. You then have to divide the resulting number by 42949672.95 to get a number from 0 to 100. The rest of the instructions for fairness testing are in the Bet Verification page of the site.

BitBlackRed Is Mobile-Friendly

This bitcoin betting site has a mobile-friendly site. It automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device used to load it. On the mobile-friendly version of the site, the game interface takes up most of the page and the latest game results are reduced to small black or red squares instead of the usual black or red hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs.
The site does not have a dedicated app for playing the game on Android, iOS, or Windows mobile devices but the mobile-friendly site provides a good enough bitcoin mobile casino gaming experience.
BitBlackRed Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Faucet

BitBlackRed only uses bitcoins. The currency is presented in BTC (not the lower denomination mBTC or bits) on the game so be ready to encounter a lot of zeros and decimal points.
Deposits can be quickly completed by simply clicking on the Deposit button and sending bitcoins to the bitcoin wallet address indicated on the modal window. You may also use your phone for making a deposit by scanning the QR code. Deposits are usually instant. You need to have your deposit confirmed at least once before you can make a withdrawal.
For withdrawals or cashouts, the process is similarly quick and easy. You just have to enter the amount you want to withdraw and your bitcoin wallet address. You have an option to receive an SMS or email once the payment is made. There are fields in the Cashout window for entering a mobile phone number and email address. By default, the email address you entered during the account registration process will be the address used here. However, you can change it if you want. A transaction fee of 0.0001 BTC is automatically subtracted from every withdrawal.
BitBlackRed Withdrawal
As mentioned earlier, BitBlackRed does not have a free bitcoin faucet and Demo mode so you really need to make a deposit if you want to play. For the uninitiated, a free bitcoin faucet is a feature that grants free small amounts of bitcoins or satoshis to players at specific time intervals. We did some research and learned that the site used to have a bitcoin faucet referred to as “Crazy Moment,” which used to give free bitcoins of 0.1%-5% of the last bet made every 10 minutes. However, we could no longer find this faucet at the time we did this BitBlackRed review. The last time the faucet was discussed on the BitBlackRed thread on Bitcointalk was in January 2015.

Bonuses and Promotions

BitBlackRed claims to offer a 100% deposit bonus. We couldn’t be sure, though, if this is only just for the sign-up bonus or the first deposit bonus. There are no details about it on the site. There’s also no information regarding the wagering requirement. Also, on Bitcointalk, there have been a few complaints from players who reportedly did not get their deposit bonus. Some reported that they got a deposit bonus but it’s less than the 100% stated on the site.
The site does not have VIP programs and rewards. It also does not have an affiliate program.
BitBlackRed Deposit Bonus

Players Served, Anonymity, and Site Languages

BitBlackRed does not have a list of restricted countries. It also apparently does not block players from specific countries. Players in the United States can access and play on the site. As such, we can consider this site a US-accepted bitcoin casino in this BitBlackRed review. We have to say, though, that it would be prudent to make sure before playing that you are of legal age and that there are no laws in your country or jurisdiction that prohibit online gambling with bitcoins.
You will not be required by BitBlackRed to reveal your identity. You can enjoy the perks of an anonymous bitcoin casino on this site.
The site does not have other language versions. It is only available in English.

BitBlackRed Customer Support

Unfortunately, BitBlackRed does not provide contact details on the site, let alone 24/7 customer support. There’s not even an email address or online email sending form on the site. The closest you can get for customer support is the site’s Twitter account. There’s a big blue Twitter button near the upper right corner of the site.
BitBlackRed Support

BitBlackRed License, Regulation, and Security

There are no details presented on BitBlackRed’s website regarding its online gambling operations licensing and regulation. We are not that keen on making an issue about this on on this BitBlackRed review, though, since most other similar bitcoin betting sites don’t really provide details about their licenses and the government authorities or third parties regulating them.
When it comes to security, there’s also nothing mentioned on the site. Nevertheless, accounts are password protected. Players are required to set up passwords and to not just rely on a personal login URL like what can be observed in other single-game BTC gambling sites.

BitBlackRed Notes

BitBlackRed is interesting bitcoin betting site. Sure, it’s not as good as full-fledged online BTC casino but its simplicity is actually what makes it distinguishing and what creates its charm. It’s a provably fair game you can play anytime and you can stop playing anytime. The type of game it offers can be considered as one of the most enjoyable bitcoin casual games we have encountered.
If you are new to the site, you will probably be able to quickly figure out how to work with the different interactive parts. The playing instructions are added as notes to the game interface (The doodled “1. – Set your bet” and “2.- Choose a color” on the game interface). The deposit and cashout/withdrawal buttons are shown as large green and blue buttons on the upper part of the site. It’s quick to register on the site and very easy to play the game.
However, we recommend contacting the site first via Twitter or its Bitcointalk.org thread before making deposits. It’s important to know if someone will be able to respond your questions or complaints in case you encounter problems. There appears to be other players still playing on the site but we couldn’t have a chat with them to ask for feedback. We also haven’t received responses from the site on Twitter.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple but enjoyable game that provides a quick way to win BTC prizes
  • Quick deposit and withdrawal process
  • Anonymous playing
  • Mobile-friendly


  • No email, live chat, or telephone support for players
  • No free bitcoin faucet or Demo mode
  • No response to players’ attempts to communicate with the site’s owners via Twitter and Bitcointalk. Last Twitter update was in Sep 2014 while the last Bitcointalk post was in Jan 2015.

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