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BitBet Casino Review

Either you love the name or you hate it. BitBet casino has a name that is somewhat polarizing. Some think it’s a hardsell wordplay while others may think it’s an excellent way to name a bitcoin casino. Whichever it is, we think it should not affect your perception of BitBet casino. This online bitcoin casino is by no means a bad option. It is relatively popular although its offerings are not as good as those of other online casinos.

Either you love the name or you hate it. BitBet casino has a name that is somewhat polarizing. Some think it’s a hardsell wordplay while others may think it’s an excellent way to name a bitcoin casino. Whichever it is, we think it should not affect your perception of BitBet casino. This online bitcoin casino is by no means a bad option. It is relatively popular although its offerings are not as good as those of other online casinos. BitBet is a licensed online gambling operation. It is owned and operated by the SBO Group and has been granted license…

BitBet Ratings:

Trust - 96%
Quality - 95%
Promotions - 93%
Games Diversity - 92%
Support - 94%


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User Rating: 3.78 ( 2 votes)

BitBet is a licensed online gambling operation. It is owned and operated by the SBO Group and has been granted license by the Government of Costa Rica. It has been in existence since 2012, not bad for a bitcoin-online casino. We just find it weird that this casino supposedly has more than 150 games, as reported by other casino reviews and sources online, but its actual number of games is significantly lower. The games also appear to have somes issues here and there (more on this later). Moreover, many online sources mention that BitBet is supposed to have a sportsbook but we can’t find this feature on the website.

Maybe we just did this BitBet review at the wrong time. Or maybe not. What you can expect in the following review is an honest assessment of this online casino as of the 2nd of March 2016. We tried our best to find useful information and provide useful insights to help you decide if BitBet is a bitcoin casino you should consider playing in.

bitbet homepage

Atypical Account Registration Process

Signing up for an account with BitBet is unlike how it is done with most other online casinos. It requires neither an email address nor a username. It simply asks for a bitcoin wallet address and password. Then, there’s a security code that needs to be entered into the form , and it’s done. It’s a very short and simple process.

bitbet join us page

After clicking on the Register button, the following messages is then shown. It would be necessary to set a security question and answer, which will be needed when making payouts. Take note that the BitBet system decides on what username you will have. It could be a username that is difficult to memorize so be sure to have your login details saved somewhere safe.

creat account

Quirky but Decent Account Dashboard

Once you have logged in and set your security question & answer, you will be brought to your account dashboard. This dashboard is rather simple. It shows all of your important options to the left and presents a game grid. Everything seems to be working fine except for a little inconvenient behavior. This interface appears to be designed to suit the size of the browser window viewing it. As such, if you load it on a window that has been resized to about half, the interface will just be set to half of its usual size so even if you maximize your browser window later on, the dashboard will remain half-sized and the remaining space on the browser window is just a solid black space, as shown below.

You will have to refresh the page with the browser window maximized to make sure that the dashboard loads with its full size.

Anyway, there’s nothing substantially different about this dashboard as compared to those of other online casinos. The only notable difference is the addition of game options with their respective “Play Now” buttons right within the account dashboard. You can play the games immediately as they load on the same page.

It’s important that we point out that whenever we return to the BitBet homepage, we are logged out. It appears that the login only works for a specific URL (bitbet.com/engine…City.aspx). If you go to other pages within Bitbet.com, you will have to log in once again. This is really weird and unintuitive. With this kind of setup, we can’t view the games according to their categories. We can’t also see the list of mobile games being offered.

bitbet Account Dashboard

Minimal Number of Casino Games

The games available on BitBet are not as many as those offered by other leading online casinos. For this BitBet review, we did the usual manual count and found only 50 games. It’s certainly well below what other online gambling sites offer but still decent enough.

  • There are 17 games under the Table Games category including variations of baccarat, blackjack, poker, pontoon, and roulette.
  • Surprisingly, there are only 14 games in the Slot Machines category. Slots usually have the most number of games in other online casinos.
  • There are 10 Video Poker games available, which include titles such as Joker’s Wild, 10’s or Better, Aces and Faces, Bonus Poker, and Jacks or Better.
  • Lastly, there are 9 games under Arcade namely, Keno, Keno Progressive, Magician Challenge, Lucky Safari, Field Gold, Chance of Glory, Rock Paper Scissors, 21’s Duel, and Crazy River.

You will not see a “Play for Fun” buttons or something similar on the games but you can actually try the games out for free. Once you enter the game, just go to the Options button and select the Money Options tab as shown below. You can then choose to play with FREE play money. We have to note, however, that the “click here” link on the Money Options tab does not work.

bitbet casino options

The games are not that fast when it comes to loading, which is something we find unusual in this BitBet review because they don’t actually have impressive graphics. The games even look dated or something taken from console game of yore.

In this BitBet review, we are not sure if we would recommend BitBet to players. We may not try to discourage potential players to consider using this online casino but we have to be honest in saying that there’s something peculiar with the game. For one, we were baffled by how the games already have “Real Balance” in thousands of dollars. How we wish we could withdraw all of those bucks! There were also some instances when we could not load the games because there’s supposedly an Internet connection issue but we ascertained that there was no problem on our end.

BitBet game table

Gaming Platform

BitBet uses a proprietary gaming platform and they have a lot of work to do to provide a better online gambling experience.

Nevertheless, we are not keen in questioning the fairness of the games in this BitBet review. We would like to assume that the information presented in BitBet’s Fairness page is true.

BitBet Provably fair

BitBet’s games are not provably fair but they are purportedly certified fair. The games, accordingly, are being regularly audited to ensure that odds are kept comparable to what can be observed in brick and mortar casinos. There are statistical tests specifically designed for the being offered to ensure fairness.

Moreover, BitBet claims to have a Certified Fair Gambling RTP certificate as well as an RNG certification that guarantees the reliability of the casino’s Random Number Generation algorithms.

We failed to find the actual certificates or information about these certifications mentioned on BitBet’s website but we are willing to give this online casino the benefit of the doubt.

The games are in Flash. You have to get the most recent Flash version to avoid problems.

Mobile-Friendly BitBet Site with Games Designed for Mobile

BitBet on mobile

Thankfully, BitBet has a mobile-friendly website. This may sound too subjective but we have to say in this BitBet review that the mobile website actually looks and feels better than the desktop version. Given the bugs we encountered on the site earlier, we were worried that it does not work well with mobile devices. Fortunately, we were wrong.

We are just unsure why BitBet has to maintain a different set of games labeled “Mobile.” We find them unnecessary. The main desktop games already have unimpressive or below average graphics. The smaller mobile games are unlikely going to leave a good impression to players. But, maybe these games are just remnants of the old BitBet system intended for older devices with lower display resolutions. These games don’t make much sense nowadays considering that smartphones and tablets are already capable of handling applications or multimedia content intended for desktops.

BitBet does not have a mobile app for the full casino itself. However, there is a BitBet Roulette app available. It’s an old app updated eons ago (2013 actually). We don’t actually recommend using it.

Bitcoin-only Casino

BitBet only accepts bitcoins. Well, it couldn’t be more obvious when we were asked to enter a bitcoin wallet address during the registration process.

Deposits are processed instantly with a minimum deposit amount set at 0.01 BTC.

For withdrawals, the processing could take up to 24 hours because transactions are processed manually. The minimum withdrawal amount is similar to the deposit minimum at 0.01 BTC.

We could not find information regarding the deposit and withdrawal fees to be added in this BitBet review.

BitBet’s Less Than Impressive Comps Program

BitBet has a weird comps program. All players who sign up for a BitBet account are automatically considered members of this comps program. This program automatically grants 2 mBTC for every 1 BTC wagered in the BitBet Casino. And that’s all you get from this program.

That’s basically a 0.2% rebate or no-deposit bonus for all bets. Yes, 0.2% or 1/1000 of a BTC for every BTC wagered. Sure, it’s bitcoin that no longer needs to be wagered or rolled over to be earned, but it’s definitely such a small number. The deposit bonuses offered by other casinos may appear deceptive and oppressive but at least they provide possibilities for earning up to 2 BTC or more.

bitbet bonuses

BitBet is offering nothing but a rather diminutive 0.2% across the board rebate.

BitBet Customer Support

Customer support on BitBet is through Skype and a ticket system. As shown in the image below, you can contact BitBet’s support team via 855.G04.BETS. For the ticket alert system, you will be required to enter your name, email, phone number, and the category of the specific concern you want addressed. It’s important to properly choose the category of the inquiry or concern (referred to as “Department”) you have to ensure quicker response.

It’s good that BitBet at least has these two options for customer support. What we don’t like, though, is that all of these take a lot of pop-ups. They could have just adopted the same system they had with their games – loading everything on the same page.

Customer support is not 24/7. It is only available from 9 AM to 8 PM EST. BitBet also does not have an inbox or in-built messaging system. As such, you will have to purposely check your email if you are expecting a message from them. There are no notifications for messages right within BitBet’s website.

Interestingly, BitBet claims that they process payouts instantly, 24/7, but they do manual payout transaction processing. If this is the case, they should just similarly provide 24/7 customer support.

US Players Accepted on BitBet

BitBet us players welcom

BitBet clearly states on its website that it accepts players from the United States. There is no indication that there are countries where BitBet does not accept players. Players must be of legal age (18 years old), though. International players are welcome to play on the site. The website, however, is only viewable in the English language.

BitBet Gambling License and Regulation

BitBet is a licensed gambling site that specializes in bitcoins. It has been in the business for around 4 years now and is reportedly owned and operated by the SBO Group.

Learn More about BitBet

Before contacting BitBet’s customer support for your inquiries, consider going over the site’s Terms and Conditions as well as its FAQ page. Also, find updates about this casino through its News and Media sections. You can also find updates and other information about BitBet through its social media accounts.

Pros and Cons


  • Emphasizes anonymous bitcoin betting
  • Instant payouts 24/7
  • Mobile-friendly website


  • No live casino games
  • No live chat support
  • Customer support is not 24/7
  • Comp program only offers 2 mBTC for every 1 BTC wagered
  • Few games with dated aesthetics

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