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BitBandit Review

At the time we did this BitBandit review, the site was on soft re-launch, as indicated by a note on the top part of the site. We decided to look it up on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to find out when it started operating and when it went down. It turns out the site started in 2014 and has not had any visual change in it since.

At the time we did this BitBandit review, the site was on soft re-launch, as indicated by a note on the top part of the site. We decided to look it up on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to find out when it started operating and when it went down. It turns out the site started in 2014 and has not had any visual change in it since. The only noticeable change is the indicator or note on top of the site. Back in 2014, this note stated that the site was on Beta testing and that the minimum bet…

BitBandit Ratings:

Trust - 97%
Quality - 95%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 80%



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The only noticeable change is the indicator or note on top of the site. Back in 2014, this note stated that the site was on Beta testing and that the minimum bet was set at 0.0001 BTC minimum and 0.001 BTC maximum. At the time we did this review, the minimum bet has not changed but the maximum bet amount has been reduced to 0.0003.
We tried contacting BitBandit regarding this but we have not received a reply so far. It didn’t help that the site kept going offline. We actually spent several days reviewing this online casino because we had to postpone the review as the site occasionally went down.
That aside, get to know what makes BitBandit special and be aware of the things that you may not like about it by reading more of our BitBandit review.
Bitbandit Homepage

No Account Registration Required

BitBandit is a no-registration online bitcoin betting site. You can immediately play the game without having to sign up for an account. All you have to do is to send your bet to the bitcoin wallet address indicated on the game interface and proceed to playing the game. There’s also no need to bookmark a unique URL for this. However, you have the option to sign up for an account with the usual username and password. To do so, just click on the blue Register button below the same interface. You will only be asked to nominate a username and password and your account should be ready in an instant.
We have to stress in this BitBandit review, though, that account registration is very important even if it’s not needed. We say this because not doing so will open you to a multitude of opportunities to lose your bitcoins. For one, you will likely lose your bitcoins if you haven’t withdrawn them yet and you close your browser (without having registered your account). It would be good if your browser cookies have not been deleted yet but if they have already been removed, there’s no way you can recover your BTC balance. Also, think about the possibility of getting disconnected from the Internet or having a sudden power outage.
BitBandit Account Registration
Anyway, BitBandit’s FAQ page lists three reasons why you may want to register an account. They are as follows:

  • If you want to play using different devices (on smartphones or tablets)
  • If you want to withdraw your winnings to a bitcoin wallet address other than the one you used for sending your bets or deposits
  • If you want to take part in BitBandit’s affiliate program

Signing up for an account shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds. There’s no email verification step. Also, you will not be asked for your email address. However, because of the lack of an email associated with your account, it will no longer be possible to recover your account if you forget your password.

Moreover, we just have to note here, that it is also possible to get an “instant” account by sending an inquiry through the support form. When we tried using the support form (the email sending online form for player support), we were automatically given a set of username and password. Apparently, this username and password set can already be used to log in and play while enjoying the advantages of having a traditional password-protected account.

BitBandit Account Registration - Alternative

Account Dashboard

With BitBandit, there is no usual account dashboard. After you register an account, nothing much changes in the game’s interface. You won’t be getting a page where you can change your name or password, add your bitcoin wallet address, monitor your activities, update your profile, or do other things you can do with the account dashboards of other BTC gambling sites. Perhaps, the only change that happens after you sign up for an account and log in is the addition of the affiliate URL in the Affiliate program page. As mentioned, you can only participate in the affiliate program if you register for an account.

The BitBandit Game

BitBandit is a slot game. What is shown on the site is a virtual slot machine. To play, you just have to operate it in the same way you would be playing with other slot machine games online. You just have to place your bet and click on the Spin button.
BitBandit Game

The prize scheme is as follows:

  • You get 5,000x the bet you placed if you get three “prohibited signs” in a row. These “prohibited” signs actually look like a “no to Illuminati” symbol.
  • Your prize is 1,000x of your bet if you get three bitcoin logos in a row.
  • You get 200x of your bet if you get three Guy Fawkes masks (the iconic “anonymous” mask) in a row.
  • The prize is 100x of your bet if you get three onions in a row.
  • It’s 50x if you get three anarcho-punk symbols in a row.
  • If you get three peace symbols, the prize is 25x of your bet.
  • Even if you don’t get three in a row, you can still win 10x or 2x if you get any 2 bitcoins or any 1 bitcoin symbol respectively.

The game interface is highly intuitive. There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s also responsive. However, the site had been having severe downtimes. As mentioned earlier, it frequently went offline that we had to keep postponing this review. The game was highly responsive (no lags, good animation) when it was online but it was very frustrating when it went offline all of a sudden.
We initially thought that there is no demo version for the game. However, after doing some searching, we discovered that there’s a “Testnet” version. This is essentially the demo version. We actually discovered it while looking at the indexed pages of BitBandit to find out if there’s still a way to access it since it had been having irritatingly repetitive downtimes. The Testnet version of the game never went offline during the time were doing this review.

BitBandit Game Software, Fairness, Payout Rate, and House Edge

There are no details on the website regarding the BitBandit game software but it appears to be using its proprietary platform. It’s a provably fair game. There’s a Provably Fair widget below the game interface that readily presents the client seed, hashed server seed for the next spin, hashed server seed for the previous spin, and unhashed server seed of the previous spin.
BitBandit is Provably Fair
BitBandit claims that it is an “extremely loose” slot game that has a payout rate of 99% and a house edge of 1%. The 1% house edge is better than the typical house edge of most slot games online (at 2% to 15%).

Not So Mobile-Friendly

BitBandit does not have a mobile-friendly website. The site does not adjust its layout and the content it shows according to the screen size of the mobile device used to access it. Nevertheless, the game still works on most smartphones and tablets, despite the unoptimized layout. It looks and works alright on most 7” tablets. You may also play the game on your 5.5”-screened smartphone if you can still see the texts and controls clearly. The spin button and slot symbols are big enough that the game can still be considered playable on most big-screened smartphones.
The experience is not going to be comparable to the convenience afforded by a full-fledged bitcoin mobile casino but you can still play the game on mobile devices, especially with the help of a stylus.
BitBandit does not have a mobile app for playing the game.
Anyway, as usual, we did the Google Mobile-Friendly test and the result is negative. As such, we will not consider the site mobile-friendly in this BitBandit review. We just have to note that the games can still be played on mobile devices but it may not work that well for everyone.
BitBandit Is NOT Mobile-Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees

Bitcoin is the only currency used on BitBandit. To make deposits, you just have to send bitcoins to the BTC wallet address indicated on the game. To withdraw, you just have to click on the Cashout button beside the bitcoin balance indicator.
There are no fees for deposits/bet placing and withdrawals presented on the website. We sent inquiries regarding this but we failed to get a reply.
The phrase “play money” is mentioned on the site a few times but be informed that this does not mean play money in the usual sense we use the phrase in our reviews. Play money on BitBandit is simply the money or bitcoins used for playing, not some virtual currency that has no value.
Despite not offering “real play money,” we are still considering BitBandit as a free bitcoin casino because of its Testnet or demo version, which allows players to play even without placing a debt. Of course, nothing can be won with the demo version but it’s good having it to be able to try the game before deciding to actually place a bitcoin bet.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, there are no bonuses and promotions on BitBandit. Don’t expect a sign up bonus, first deposit bonus, reload bonus, or other types of deposit bonuses offered on the site. Similarly, there are no VIP programs and rewards and bitcoin casino free spins. There is also no bitcoin faucet on the site. What BitBandit has is just its affiliate program that offers a 30% profit share. Your affiliate earnings will be automatically credited to your account. You can monitor your earnings from the affiliate program by going to the Affiliate program page.
BitBandit Affiliate Program

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

BitBandit does not block players from any country from accessing the site. Well, it just kept going offline during the review period—half-kidding. We would like to presume in this BitBandit review, though, that players are still expected to be at least 18 years old and that players are deemed responsible in ascertaining that bitcoin betting is not illegal in their country, state, or jurisdiction.
When it comes to anonymity, we are glad to state here that BitBandit provides the advantage of an anonymous bitcoin casino. There are no personal details required to get an account, play, and withdraw the winnings. An email address is not even required.
Given that BitBandit supports anonymous BTC gambling, we are inclined to consider BitBandit as a US-accepted bitcoin casino. Players in the United States can access the site and play for fun (demo mode) or play using real bitcoins.
BitBandit is only available in the English language.

BitBandit Player Support

Support on BitBandit is only through email. There’s a Support button on the homepage that opens an email sending form in a modal window. Of course we tried using this email support facility but we have not yet received a reply as of the time this review was posted.
BitBandit Player Support
The site has a real-time chat section for players but it does not appear to be that useful. At the time we were doing this review, the messages on the chat were nothing helpful. We observed no conversations among players on the chat board. That was just for around half a day, though.
BitBandit Realtime Chat

BitBandit License, Regulation, and Security

The BitBandit website does not present details about its license and the authoritative body regulating it. We are not going to raise an issue on this, though, since almost all of the other single-game websites we have reviewed so far don’t really present thei online gambling operation licenses.
In terms of security, there are also no details mentioned on the site except for the note on top saying “We finally re-launched. With better security and performance than ever!” Nothing specific regarding the site’s security measures was mentioned.


On the bottom part of the BitBandit website, there are cash out and games played indicators. So far, there have been more than 528,000 games played on the site and over 18.69777 BTC paid out to players. That’s around 10,800 USD, a not so impressive amount considering that more than half a million games have already been played. Nevertheless, at the very least, it looks like BitBandit’s owners are honest enough not to pad their numbers up.
We decided to proceed with this BitBandit review despite the frequent downtimes because, after all, we are not limited to reviewing only the good bitcoin betting sites. Also, we like the anonymity afforded by this bitcoin betting site. It can be a good option for newbie and experienced players once its glitches are fully fixed.

Pros and Cons


  • Provably fair game
  • Anonymous bitcoin betting
  • No player registration required but there’s an option to get a traditional account with a username and password


  • Limited number of games
  • No live chat support. No response from the email support during the review period.
  • No deposit bonuses and other standard online casino promotions such as VIP programs and rewards
  • No bitcoin faucet

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