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Bit777 Review

Whoever thought of putting up the tacky introductory video on Bit777’s homepage page should know that their idea did not improve the site. It isn’t pleasing or interesting to watch and the accompanying audio is annoying. The video may have discouraged potential players instead of enticing them. We are not going to let this little gripe affect our impartiality, though, as we do this Bit777 review.

Whoever thought of putting up the tacky introductory video on Bit777’s homepage page should know that their idea did not improve the site. It isn’t pleasing or interesting to watch and the accompanying audio is annoying. The video may have discouraged potential players instead of enticing them. We are not going to let this little gripe affect our impartiality, though, as we do this Bit777 review. Bit777 is a cryptocurrency gambling site that offers an extensive collection of games. From slots to blackjack, dice, and video poker, there’s something for every online gambling enthusiast to enjoy. It also has raffles…

Bit777 Ratings:

Trust - 95%
Quality - 92%
Promotions - 92%
Games Diversity - 94%
Support - 92%


Top Rated!

User Rating: 4.6 ( 1 votes)

Bit777 is a cryptocurrency gambling site that offers an extensive collection of games. From slots to blackjack, dice, and video poker, there’s something for every online gambling enthusiast to enjoy. It also has raffles and a number of jackpot mystery games. It was once promoted as “the world’s most advanced bitcoin casino” and as the “most trusted bitcoin casino,” but now its marketing team appears to be adopting a less audacious strategy when it comes to promotions.
Bit777 is one of the online cryptocurrency gambling destinations that accept a wide range of altcoins. From namecoin to dash and doge, Bit777 accommodates most varieties of cryptocurrency.

Learn more about what this online casino has to offer through this Bit777 review. We are likely going to present some new information or details that may be in conflict with other reviews about this online casino but be assured that we have conducted careful research and inquiries to ascertain that we present only the latest and most authoritative information available.

Bit777 homepage

Bit777 Account Registration: Some Weird Delay Encountered

Signing up for a Bit777 account wasn’t as quick as we thought it would be. If it’s any consolation, though, the very brief online form for signing up is legit! It can indeed make you sign up for an account, unlike the short online forms of other casinos that are only added to the homepage to serve as bait. Bit777’s three-field online registration form does not lead you to a longer form to fill out. Instead, after clicking on the Sign Up button, we were automatically logged in. It could have taken us less than 5 seconds to get an account if only there wasn’t that weird delay we encountered. The actual registration time was around 15 seconds.

Bit777 jackpot

Account Dashboard

The first thing we noticed in the account dashboard was the ad. Yes, there’s an ad! It’s perhaps the first time ever that we saw an ad in a relatively popular online casino. We’re not trying to overly nitpick here but we just want to point it out it in this Bit777 review.

All in all, the dashboard is intuitive enough. It should be easy to figure out how the different functions work. Even newbies should not have a hard time working with this dashboard.

There are separate fields for the deposit addresses of the different altcoins accepted. They come with their respective QR codes and some notes regarding the number of confirmations needed and the minimum deposit amount required.

bit777 account dashboard

Pestering DDoS Protection Notice

Before discussing the games, we just have to note in this Bit777 review something that every player is bound to notice. The site occasionally flashes a messages that says “Checking our browser before accessing bit777.com.” This is for the site’s DDoS protection (as provided by CloudFlare). We understand that it’s important to implement protection against Denial of Service or Distributed Denial of Service attacks but it seems Bit777’s DDoS protection check appears too often for comfort. It’s getting annoying especially for those who have slow Internet connection. We hope Bit777 can do something about is. In our case, this notice appears every time we open a game.

ddos protection

The Games on Bit777

There are 7 categories or sections of games on Bit777. These are Casino, Raffles, Wheel, Dice, Peer Dice, Jackpots, and Instant Gamble.


The Casino category features 12 games. These are Sic Bo, Red Dog, Let’em Ride, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Casino War, Tri-Card Poker, Trey Poker, 3 Card Brag, Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em, and Texas Hold’em Bonus. Well, this is what we initially thought. Actually, there are more casino games available. Near the bottom part of the site, there’s an array of boxes indicating different games: Slot Games, Table Games, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Dice, and Wheel. These present different other games although some of them point to another website (Dice and Wheel).

The other games not shown by the game categories on top are the different types of roulettes (there are 6 of them), table games (some are not shown above), slots (4), and varieties of blackjack including pontoon. The Video Poker box features four games: Jacks or Better, Joker Export, Deuces Wild, and All American.

The Raffles and Wheel sections actually lead to a different website (PeerBet.org). The Raffle game claims to have 0 house edge.

Similarly, the Dice and Peer Dice sections redirect to different websites (PeerBet.org and PeerDice.org respectively).

You may not notice that you are already moving to a different site as you click on the Raffles, Wheel, Dice, and Peer Dice sections on Bit777 because they look similar. Only the colors are different. They are presented with similar formats and page elements, including the box that indicates how many players are online.

The Jackpots section does not present an actual game. It’s just a page that displays information about the site’s mystery jackpot offers. These mystery jackpots randomly appear on selected table games. Every game or spin could become the trigger for a mystery jackpot to appear. Each mystery jackpot has a minimum and maximum value determined by Bit777’s RNG. Possible winnings through the mystery jackpot can be in hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of rands.

Lastly, the section for Instant Gamble provides a simple graphics-less gambling game that involves the selection of % to gamble and depositing of bitcoins. The Instant Gamble page (shown below) is not where this game is played. The game is played in the account dashboard, the section for making Deposits in particular. The Instant Gamble page only shows the online tool or widget for verifying the Instant Gamble results.

Instant Gamble is applicable for all consecutive deposits with a maximum amount limit of 1 BTC, 10 LTC, 500 FTC, 1 million DOGE, and 100 PPC/ANC/NMC/NXT.

gamble verifcation

The games don’t have Play for Fun versions. There’s no play money offered for those who want to try the games first. Also, there are times when the website becomes unresponsive – the game gallery in particular. It’s either the games don’t show up on the gallery/grid or they refuse to load when clicked. We had some Internet connection issues so it may not be entirely the site’s fault. However, we are quite sure that occasional unresponsiveness is real as attested to be other Bit777 reviews.

Gaming Platform, Provability

Bit777’s Random Number Generator makes use of the “Mersenne Twister” randomizing technology.  The software used is said to be from UltraPlay, a company that has extensive years of experience in the brick and mortar casino industry.
We could not find authoritative information regarding the provability of the casino and other games on Bit777. The only game that is clearly provably fair is the Instant Gamble game.

No Mobile-Friendly Site and Apps

Bit777 does not have mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, let alone for Windows phones and tablets. Its website is also not optimized for mobile browsing. Additionally, the CloudFlare browser check also appears on mobile browsers and may even prevent the mobile browsers from loading the site. There’s a security warning that may refuse to allow further access to the site.

Currency, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Betting Policy

bit777 coins accepted

Bit777 accepts various types of cryptocurrency. These are bitcoin, litecoin, peercoin, namecoin, primecoin, feathercoin, dogecoin, and darkcoin. For those who don’t have bitcoin wallets or bitcoins yet, Bit777 recommends Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Metabank.ru.

When making deposits for these different cryptocurrencies, the minimum deposit amount is set at 0.01 for all of them. There is no maximum indicated. Bitcoin deposits are processed instantly. For the altcoins, at least 1 confirmation is required for the deposit transaction to be completed.

We couldn’t find details regarding the withdrawal minimum and maximum limits on the Bit777 site. However, we found some reviews that present pertinent information. Accordingly, the withdrawals are charged a fee of 0.0005 BTC to cover the miner’s fee.

Promotions and Jackpots

Unfortunately, Bit777 has no promo offerings, bonuses, or rewards programs at the moment. The reward program mentioned by some Bit777 reviews is based on what is being offered by PeerBet.org. We could not find details about first deposit, second deposit, or reload bonuses being offered. There is no rewards program. There is also no affiliate program.

Bit777 Customer Support

Customer support is apparently only through email. You can send your comments, complaints, inquiries, and other messages to support@casinobitco.in (as indicated on the site) or to cs@bit777.com. We can’t help but criticize Bit777 for this. We actually sent an inquiry to support@casinobitco.in to test Bit777’s customer support. The response took some time. Interestingly, when the response came, we were answered with links to PeerBet.org by someone who used a bitcoinrush.io email address. They could really use some organization skills. If these gambling sites are interrelated, they still have to exert some effort to organize their links and games. Simply linking the sites, services, and customer support can be confusing to players.

Countries Served

We could not find information whether or not Bit777 serves United States players. We would like to assume that the site does accept US players. At least one online bitcoin casino information source says that Bit777 does serve players in the US.

Bit777 Site Languages

Languages in bit777

Bit777 can be viewed in a multitude of different languages through a language selector near the bottom part of the site. The languages available include Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Slovenian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and even Hebrew. However, these translations appear to be from Google Translate so they don’t seem that reliable.

Bit777 Licensing and Regulation

Bit777 is an online gambling company incorporated under the laws of Costa Rica. Its operations are run under the name Imperator S.A. with a license issued by the Government of Costa Rica.

Important Pages Players Should Visit

Current and potential players are encouraged to read Bit777’s Terms of Service to prevent misunderstandings and to avoid violating them. This online casino also has a thread on Bitcointalk that can serve as a great reference and source of insightful information for players. Bit777 does not have a Facebook page but it has an accompanying Twitter account through which players can get updates about the casino or send direct messages or complaints.

Pros and Cons


  • Decent collection of games
  • Quickly loading games
  • Provably Fair Instant Gamble game


  • Limited information presented in the site
  • Not responsive customer support
  • No live chat or telephone support
  • Confusing presentation of games
  • Most games are not provably fair

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