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BidyBit Review

BidyBit is without a doubt one of the unique bitcoin gambling sites you can find online. Promoted as a “unique and exciting way to double your money,” it offers a traditional coin flip game augmented by new technology. Here, you have to choose the coin side you want to place your bet in, place your bet, and wait for the time to end. If your chosen coin side turns out to be the winning, you immediately double your money. As the site claims, you can double your money on BidyBit in a matter of 6 hours.

BidyBit is without a doubt one of the unique bitcoin gambling sites you can find online. Promoted as a “unique and exciting way to double your money,” it offers a traditional coin flip game augmented by new technology. Here, you have to choose the coin side you want to place your bet in, place your bet, and wait for the time to end. If your chosen coin side turns out to be the winning, you immediately double your money. As the site claims, you can double your money on BidyBit in a matter of 6 hours. Yes, it’s as simple…

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Yes, it’s as simple as that. As the site succinctly puts it, you just have to choose your side, place your bet, watch the clock, and congratulations (if you win, of course)! This online betting site is compatible with mobile devices. Real-time gaming statistics are shown on the homepage to help you make your decision for your next bets. It purportedly provides high chances of winning. Well, simply betting on heads and tails (or cow or sheep in the case of BidyBit) after all affords players higher chances of winning compared to most other casino games.

BidyBit Casino homepage

BidyBit has been online for just a short time but it appears to be gaining some positive attention.  The simple playing mechanics and the efficient way of handling transactions make for a good recipe for success in the online cryptocurrency gaming business. It’s also worth noting that BidyBit claims to enable instant deposits and withdrawals and provide an innovative gaming experience.

BidyBit Website: Beautiful Albeit Imperfect

If there’s one thing you would quickly notice about BidyBit, it is the way its website looks. It is an attractive HTML5 site  that is highly responsive. It’s not perfect, though.  At first, we thought there was a coding issue because we thought the field where you are to enter your email address to open an account was defective. It appears though that it’s just some poor choice of colors and background image. They could have also shortened or decreased the font size of the instruction “enter your email address to open free account” to avoid making it look like  there’s something wrong with it. Some of the texts across the page are also too thin that it becomes difficult reading them especially if you are using a high contrast setting on your monitor.

Nevertheless, once you get past these little issues, you would appreciate how the site looks and behaves. It’s modern and well-performing. The arrangement of the different page elements and links to pages or content is also intuitive. There’s just a little problem with the support button we would like to point out. When you click it, it does not lead you to the actual supportcenter but to the section where you can click on the Support Center, which is basically an online form for sending email inquiries or concerns.

The site displays a regularly updated list of winners near the bottom part of the homepage. Their respective winnings are indicated, including the corresponding dollar value of their winnings.

Signing Up Is a Breeze

To register an account on BidyBit, you just have to enter your email address. The registration is done right on the homepage. If you click on the Free Account (account creation) button, you will just actually be going to the same page as the homepage, only the URL change.s

Once you’ve entered your email address, your password will then be sent to your inbox. Use your email address as username and the password provided to log in. Although we like how fast this registration setup we thought we were not fond of it because of the password being sent to our email inbox. Bet then we just learned later on that BidyBit actually asks you to create a new password once you have logged in. Yes, it’s compulsory soit extends the account creation time for a few more seconds to make your account secure.

BidyBit Casino login

Neat Account Dashboard

We have to mention in this BidyBit review that we really love this HTML5 website, at least on the account dashboard part. It’s snappy. Pages load quickly while the page elements are highly responsive. It has a familiar user interface. Your bitcoin, deposit, withdrawal, and winnings balances are readily shown on top of the page while you get to access the Deposit/Withdraw function through the conspicuous green button near the upper right corner.

There are two separate sections for the two games of the site (BidyBit and BidyFlip) but you only need one BTC wallet (on the BidyBit system, not your actual bitcoin wallet), which you can generate through the Deposit/Withdraw interface.

BidyBit Casino deposit and withdraw

What BidyBit Is All About: The Games

Before you can access any of these games, you need to have your account details completed. This means that you have to enter your username and password. You also have to enter your bitcoin wallet address for your withdrawals (clarification: the bitcoin wallet address generated through the Deposit/Withdrawal section mentioned earlier is the address for your bitcoins on the BidyBit system ).

We were initially confused by the terms BidyBit and BidyFlip. We asked customer support regarding this but we still have not received a reply. We have a little idea about what the real score is, though. It appears the term “BidyFlip” does not really matter as you engage in the games. To avoid confusion, just ignore it. You may be directed to a page with a set of games shown as you click on the BidyFlip link but these games are exactly the same as the games shown on the main BidyBit page. Bottom line: just ignore the term for now. It could be some other game that they have not completed yet.

The BidyBit games are games about betting on a specific coin side. The games are posted on little boxes. Players then just have to place their bets and wait for the results. The results, however, are not determined by the flipping of an actual coin or a randomly generated consequence. It is determined by the bets placed on either side of the coin. The side with the lower amount of bets wins. Hence, it is actually the losing bettors who pay for the prizes to be given to the winners. The games have different durations. They can be a 6-hour game with a minimum bet of 0.00004 BTC and a maximum of 0.00422 BTC, a 12-hour game (min: 0.00423 BTC, max: 0.04227 BTC), a 24-hour game (min: 0.00894 BTC, max: 0.08539 BTC), or a 48-hour game (min: 0.02133 BTC, max: 0.021321 BTC).

It is possible to switch coin sides before the coin flipping time strikes. However, to do this, you need to raise your bet to twice its original amount.

As already mentioned, the winners will have their bets doubled. Losers, on the other hand, lose the entirety their bets. Obviously, the bet amounts will not be shown on the game boxes since they will determine which side wins or loses.

Considering this kind of setup, there will surely be instances when there are more bets placed than what is needed to pay off the winners. So what happens with these bitcoins? We did some research for this BidyBit review on this matter and we found out that these surplus money is being returned to the losing players every week. This would seem too magnanimous that you will likely wonder why BidyBit simple isn’t keeping these money for themselves. BidyBit says that they don’t really need to take the money of losing bidders because they can already sustain their operations by taking 10% from withdrawals. That’s actually a big amount so it’s only right that the losing bets are returned.

BidyBit Casino flip the coin game

BidyBit Gaming Platform and Software

Obviously, BidyBit utilizes its own proprietary software. It does not rely on games and software provided by online gaming industry staples like SoftSwiss and Netent. The games are in HTML5 so almost every browser even in slightly older Windows 7 computers are expected to be capable of working with the games.

Regarding the idea of being provably fair, there is no widget that can be used to verify the results. However, BidyBit provides a history for each and every game. If you want to check if the games really reflect the right winning coin side, you can just examine the history. That would be quite a lot of work but if you are skeptical about BidyBit’s trustworthiness, you may proceed in doing so. This BidyBit review is not keen on questioning the game’s fairness.

Compatible with Mobile Gaming

BidyBit Casino on mobile

BidyBit does not have mobile apps (neither iOS nor Android) but its website supports mobile gaming. The site neatly adjusts its layout to become more suitable for mobile browsing. The games don’t involve graphics so it’s only to be expected that they will work on most mobile devices.

Currency, Deposit and Withdrawal Handling, and Betting Policies

BidyBit uses bitcoins (BTC) and US dollars. The bitcoins are stated in BTC denomination so prepare yourself for the frequent counting of decimal points!

Deposits, unfortunately, are not free. You will becharged 0.0002 BTC for every deposit made. The deposits will be credited to your account only after at least 3 bitcoin string confirmations. There is no minimum deposit requirement but you should already discern the right amount to deposit considering that you will have to pay 0.0002 BTC for every deposit transaction.

Withdrawals are charged a 10% fee, which is rather high. The more you win, the more you pay for the withdrawal fee, the more BidyBit makes money. But then again, that’s just how companies like BidyBit work so this BidyBit review will not take that against them. We are going to list it as a con, though.

BidyBit Does Not Offer Bonuses But Losers Can Get Back Some of Their Money

This will surely disappoint many online casino frequenters who have already been accustomed to the generous bonuses offered by many online gambling sites, but BidyBit does not offer bonuses for the deposits made. What it gives, though, is the return of some of the money wagered by losing players.

Definitely, not all of the losses will be returned; only the part that are not used to pay off the winners. The site has not provided details as the computation of this amount but this BidyBit review would assume that the surplus will be divided among the losing bettors in proportion to the amount they wagered.

Players Restrictions, Language Support

International non-US players will be disappointed to know that BidyBit only caters to players in the United States. This is expressly stated in the site’s Terms of Service. Also, players are expected to use usernames that are not offensive or misleading. BidyBit reserves the right to unilaterally terminate accounts for violations of the Terms of Service.

BidyBit Customer Support

Customer support on BidyBit is provided through online messaging using an online form accessible at the Support Center page. We tried using this but we have not received replies to the messages we sent. We checked our email and we can confirm that nothing came in. The site, however, has social media accounts that can receive messages or comments from players. The social media account links are listed in the next section. It is also possible to send an email directly to support@bidybit.com.

BidyBit Casino customer support page

BidyBit Gambling Operations Regulation

We did some research regarding licensing and regulation for this BidyBit review. Based on the Terms of Service, the use (playing on) BidyBit is governed by STATE laws (not federal) concerning auctions, tournaments, and contests. As such, you need to make sure that the state where you access BidyBit does not have laws that are incompatible with BidyBit’s terms of service. If you access BidyBit from a state where the site’s policies are violating certain laws, BidyBit will temporarily suspend or permanently close your account and forfeit all of the bitcoins therein.

Things You Must Know about BidyBit

We feel that the information provided on the BidyBit website is insufficient but if you want useful references as you try playing on this online betting site, be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page and read the Terms of Service.  If you want to use the chat facility, be sure to read the rules to avoid getting banned.

BidyBit maintains official social media accounts. Follow them or send messages to them through Twitter or Facebook. These accounts don’t seem active, though.

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymity guaranteed
  • BItcoin transactions are fast or instantaneous
  • The ability to chat with other players makes the game more enjoyable.
  • Losing bettors can recover a part of their losses every week depending on the surplus left after paying off the winners


  • Deposits are not free
  • Withdrawals are charged a hefty 10%
  • Customer support is limited to email and it’s not that responsive
  • There are many provisions in the Terms of Service that can spell trouble for players if strictly enforced.


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