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BetterBets.io Review

On its website, BetterBets is promoted as a “provably fair and secure bitcoin gambling” site that “leverages Moneypot.com’s technical infrastructure.” It purportedly offers high quality and innovative gambling using bitcoins. Certainly, our BetterBets review does not exist to simply agree to these claims without an actual scrutiny.

On its website, BetterBets is promoted as a “provably fair and secure bitcoin gambling” site that “leverages Moneypot.com’s technical infrastructure.” It purportedly offers high quality and innovative gambling using bitcoins. Certainly, our BetterBets review does not exist to simply agree to these claims without an actual scrutiny. BetterBets is a relatively new cryptocurrency gambling site. It was launched only in May last year by a group of digital currency enthusiasts. It is said to be aimed at providing a “fun, safe, and classy place to gamble” as well as to “give users the kind of social experience they have not…

BetterBets Ratings:

Trust - 97%
Quality - 91%
Support - 72%
Promotions - 40%
Games Diversity - 45%


Great Games!

User Rating: 4.6 ( 1 votes)

BetterBets is a relatively new cryptocurrency gambling site. It was launched only in May last year by a group of digital currency enthusiasts. It is said to be aimed at providing a “fun, safe, and classy place to gamble” as well as to “give users the kind of social experience they have not found in many other sites.” This gambling site boasts of being the brainchild of gaming and cryptocurrency professionals with 75 years of combined development experience.

There are a number of features that make BetterBets different from other gambling sites. For one, it features something called “luck forging,” wherein the house edge is lowered to 0.5% once a player makes 1,000 non-zero bets (referred to as full forging). There’s a Luck Forging Indicator in the system that raises an alert once the feature is ready to be activated. BetterBets also features something called Happy Hour, which losers the house edge for a period of 1 hour during Fridays. It also offers custom-created games and various other goodies to entice players.

BetterBets homepage

Moreover, BetterBets offers a provably fair gaming system and is bot-friendly. Many online casinos claim to be provably fair but not many can accommodate the use of bots. BetterBets has a bot API that is compatible with the API of Primedice, allowing access various compatible bots.

It’s also worth pointing out that BetterBets puts emphasis on establishing a community of online gambling enthusiasts. If players have suggestions or insights to share, as claimed on BetterBets’ website, the people behind this online casino are always eager to listen. Complaints are also purportedly addressed promptly. Find out if BetterBets is a gambling site you should consider signing up with in this review.

Signing Up for a BetterBets Account

The process of signing up for a BetterBets account may surprise you a little. It requires you to complete the process at Moneypot.com. It will be a short process, though, since you will only be asked for your email address, username, and password. Once you click on the red Submit button, you will be asked to authorize Moneypot.com to have access to your deposits. Click on the Enable and Continue to BetterBets button to proceed.

We’re not sure but BetterBets is actually taking pride in this system of working together with Moneypot.com. Many players may find this confusing and not reassuring, though.

BetterBets Registration Form at Moneypot.com

The BetterBets User Interface

The site’s user interface looks neat but boring. We are not a big fan of this interface style that looks like an organization chart sans the connecting lines. The pastel colors also don’t look that suitable for a gambling site in our opinion. Nevertheless, it’s mostly responsive and we somehow like the idea of juxtaposing the account dashboard and the games, although the execution here is far from perfect. We like the fact that we no longer need to load a page to be able to access the account dashboard. The account dashboard, along with all the account information and statistics, is shown side by side with the site’s games.

BetterBets Dashboard

We also have to mention in this BetterBets review that the menu bar to the left isn’t easy to use. It’s difficult to click on the option you want. You need to be precise with your mouse movements or else you will end up seeing this animated menu bar moving wildly. It can get a little frustrating.

Better Bets Vertical Menu Bar - Left

The Games

BetterBets has three games. ‘These are Power Plinko, Dice, and Horse Racing.

Power Plinko is a chip drop game wherein you have to bet on one of three colors. These colors come with their respective win/loss ratios. The bets are indicated on the bottom of the game’s screen. There’s nothing special about the graphics or the overall game presentation here but just like traditional Plinko, as how many players perceive it, this simple game is still enjoyable.

It is possible to make mass betting in Power Plinko but be warned that the game might lag and it may take quite some time for the game to complete.

Better Bets Power Plinko

The Dice game is the usual dice game without bells and whistles. It certainly can’t compare to the likes of Rollin.io but most dice players should be able to enjoy this game. Keyboard hotkeys are available for playing convenience.

BetterBets Dice Game

For the Horse Racing game, there are five virtual horses to bet on. The horses each have equal chances of winning the race. The payout for this game is computed using the following formula:

Wager x [1/(0.2 + house edge/5) ]

The standard house edge for this game is 1%.

Better Bets Horse Racing Game

Unfortunately, you can’t play these games without bitcoins deposited. There is no FUN currency or play money you can use to try the games. However, BetterBets has a faucet system (more on this below).

Distinctive BetterBets Features

As mentioned, there are features in BetterBets not found in other gambling sites.

One is Lucky Forging, which is a relatively new idea for dice games. This brings the house edge down from 1% to as low as 0.1%, making it easier for players to win. Naturally, this provides a great opportunity for making large bets. The 0.1% reduced house edge only works for up to 20 bets before it eventually gets disabled so it’s important to strategically place these 20 bets.

BetterBets Lucky Forging

BetterBets also features a social interaction system. It’s not a novel feature in bitcoin gambling but what this site offers is highly intuitive and not as cluttered as the chat systems of other gambling sites. This player-to-player chat facility can also be used to display bet information. You just have to key in the following “/bet bet_id” where bet_id is the specific ID number for a particular bet.

BetterBets Chat

BetterBets, moreover, features a Raffle system and a Happy Hour promo. The raffle system can be availed by all players who make 500 or more non-zero bets. The raffle is conducted monthly with the prizes varying month by month. A yearly raffle will also be held with more valuable prizes to be given away. The Happy Hour promo, on the other hand, takes place every Friday (varying according to the time zones of the players). Obviously, this promo lasts for an hour, reducing the house edge by 0.25%.

BetterBets Gaming Platform: Reliable and Provably Fair

The gaming platform of BetterBets is the result of the collaborative effort of multiple cryptocurrency enthusiast and online gaming professionals with years of experience. Also, as mentioned in the introductory part of this BetterBets review, the games featured here are provably fair. All of this gambling site’s games can be tested for fairness through the hashcode generated by Moneypot.com.

Mobile-Compatible Website

With its responsive web design, BetterBets adjusts its site contents and layout to achieve the optimum fit on smaller displays. There is no need to load a specific URL for the mobile version of the site. However, we have to point out that some devices may have some issues loading the mobile version of the site. We notice some devices, those with older versions of Android in particular (Android Gingerbread and older), having difficulties showing the proper layout. Sometimes the site may not even load at all.

It took us a few times of repeated website loading to achieve the proper rendering shown below. We like that the mobile version also comes with the site language toggle. Others mobile websites don’t include this.

(12) BetterBets Mobile Friendly Website


BetterBets uses bitcoins (BTC) and rubies (RBIES) – and if you are not sure what RBIES are, its ok, i got to say that i never heard about that one before.

BetterBets has partnered with noted bitcoin wallet technology provider Moneypot.com to help enable secure bitcoin gambling.

Rubies is a relatively new peer-to-peer currency. It is different from bitcoin because it is not mined through the use of high end hashing machines. Rubies are mined simply through the use of rubies wallets. There are no computers (of wallet owners) involved. On the other hand, they can be obtained or accumulated by playing using bitcoins on BetterBets. The bitcoin transactions allow players to get rubies that are automatically credited to their accounts. Discussing the specifics of the rubies currency will unnecessarily make this BetterBets review longer so it would be better to just refer to the FAQ page to learn more about how rubies is accumulated and used on BetterBets.

The minimum bet requirement for rubies is 0.0001 RBIES while the maximum is 1% of the bankroll. The bankroll can be found near the upper left corner of the BetterBets homepage.

BetterBets Bonuses and Rewards Program

Unfortunately, BetterBets does not offer deposit bonuses and a rewards program. What it has is just its faucet system and an affiliate program.

The faucet is based on Google’s Recaptcha. It provides 200 satoshis for every 5 minutes. This faucet, however, is unlike the ones implemented by other gambling sites. It does not require a player to have zero balance. All players can tap the faucet for satoshis even if they still have bitcoins or rubies on their accounts. The faucet button is located right beside the BTC balance figure. It’s the wand icon as shown below.


BetterBets Lucky Forging


BetterBet’s affiliate program, on the other hand, grants 15% of the 1% house edge to players who refer new players to the site through an affiliate code.

Countries Served and Site Languages

BetterBets does not impose country restrictions for players. However, we are inclined to write in this review that players in the United States are not accepted on the site as the site expressly states that it will not deal with players who are in jurisdictions where there are laws against online gambling. Moreover, players are required to be of legal age.

Most of the players expected on BetterBets are likely non-Americans. To better serve these players, the site can be viewed in the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Bahasa Indonesia. The site language toggle is the bottommost option of the vertical menu bar to the left of the site.

(13) BetterBets Site Languages

Important Information about BetterBets Players Should Know

It is recommended going over the FAQ page of BetterBets to get acquainted of most of the things this gambling site offers. Be sure to read on the rubies currency, in particular, as this can be an interesting alternative for bitcoins. The rubies wallet can be downloaded through the Rubies Wallet Download Page. Also, be sure to read BetterBets’ Terms of Service.

BetterBets, moreover, has social media accounts. You can get updates or send inquiries and messages through its Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit accounts. You can also follow this gambling site’s official blog.

Pros and Cons


  • Features a bitcoin faucet that can be tapped even without a zero balance
  • Provably fair games
  • Player community chat
  • Anonymous bitcoin gambling
  • House edge can be reduced to as low as 0.1% through the Luck Forging feature


  • Limited number of games with plain interfaces
  • No live chat and telephone support. The site does not even have an online form for sending emails.
  • No deposit bonuses and rewards program

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