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Betcoin.ag Review

Accepting both Bitcoin and Litecoin and players from all countries are welcome: Betcoin.ag is a full-fledged online casino gaming website with features that’ll give the top online casino websites a run for their business. Being one of the newer casino websites online, it started up in fourth quarter of 2013.

Betcoin.ag home page

Betcoin.ag was founded by Ali Bagheri and Magnus Lindberg and since its release the website has gone through a considerable change and improvement in the previous year’s improving on both user experience and security.  Earlier the website was running separate URLs for each game (as older players will be able to confirm), but now in their current design they have consolidated all their games and services under one single URL the Betcoin.ag. Also to add this website is one of the few websites that accepts players and bets from USA.

Our First Impressions for Betcoin.ag Casino

Accepting both Bitcoin and Litecoin and players from all countries are welcome: Betcoin.ag is a full-fledged online casino gaming website with features that’ll give the top online casino websites a run for their business. Being one of the newer casino websites online, it started up in fourth quarter of 2013. Betcoin.ag was founded by Ali Bagheri and Magnus Lindberg and since its release the website has gone through a considerable change and improvement in the previous year’s improving on both user experience and security.  Earlier the website was running separate URLs for each game (as older players will be able…

BetCasino.ag Ratings:

Games Diversity
User Rating: 2.17 ( 17 votes)

We were very impressed with the clean, easy to use and highly customized user interface with all the relevant buttons and links on the dashboard neatly spaced and easily reachable. During our Betcoin.ag review of Betcoin Casino, we noticed that the homepage includes a single page kind of styled UI with all the page elements and links neatly stacked one after the other in a single page

Tip: Be sure to scroll down to the very bottom as to not miss anything on your first visit.

Betcoin.ag lower part of the page

Betcoin.ag Casino Games

Betcoin.ag offers a huge online game library with amazing animations and breathtaking gaming experience – I had fun writing Betcoin.ag review – the games are addicting!. There is absolutely everything on this website from popular casino games: Bitcoin Dice,  to slots, table games, card games, and many more developed and operated by credible software and online game providers. over 160 games to choose from with tons of in-client options for games that were very unique and we are yet to see anything of this sort.
betcoin casino coins

There is a specialized section for those interested in real time sports betting as well. Betcoin.ag offers a Bitcoin sportsbook gambling arena which covers betting on all major sports events round the globe including Bitcoin Soccer betting, Bitcoin Tennis betting, Ice Hockey betting, Basketball betting, Football betting, Boxing, Bitcoin MMA gambling, Handball betting, Table Tennis games betting and even betting on eSports events like World of Tanks.

You can find in Betcoin.ag some live Bitcoin games:

live games at betcoin.ag


  • Live Roulette Bitcoin games
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Blackjack Bitcoin games
  • Live Keno
  • Live Lottery

Poker Software used by Betcoin.ag

Betcoin.ag offers numerous poker tables, the poker client can be downloaded on both PC, Mac but we were able to access both downloadable and web versions of it during testing as well. Betcoin.ag uses Winning Poker Network as their software, we noticed highly identical features and options that are there on the vanilla version, and nonetheless it is an excellent poker room and is very popular among online poker players.

Is Betcoin Casino Provably Fair? (Yes!)

One of the leading judging methods for fairness of a Bitcoin poker is to test the reliability and functionality of provably fairness, this feature allows users to verify the fairness in each hand that is played and it ensures that no manipulations of results are being done. There is a specific code that is employed at both the server as well as at the player’s end to ensure reliability and fairness. Betcoin.ag is a provably fair website and you can find more information on Betcoin.ag provably fair.

Language options on Betcoin.ag

By default the betcoin.ag is available in English but it can be translated to almost any language (90 to be precise), there is a Google translator toolbar located at the lower left corner of the screen which can be used if you would like the website translated into any language that is provided by the Google’s plugin, but google translator is not 100% accurate when it comes to translation and sometimes the actual meaning of sentences gets lost during translation.  We also noticed some differences on sportsbook area, it seemed like it was still under development during the writing of this post as the language selection bar only displayed one language “English”.

betcoin casino - sport section english only

Betcoin Casino Mobile Friendliness Test

Betcoin Casino is fully accessible on all media devices with a browser capability. Though the Casino can be accessed via a webbrowser as stated earlier, the process is a bit complicated for non-techy users and can be confusing for new players.

There is a full detailed guide here on how to Play Betcoin Poker on a mobile device: betcoin mobile.

mobile version for betcoin casino

While we were reviewing Betcoin.ag Casino on the mobile we noticed that there were no user avatars or animated dealers, the only way to identify players was via their user name. The UI elements for mobile were probably trimmed down to reduce processing cycles and ram usage.

Betcoin.ag Signing up

Signup is both secure and easy with no documentation or proof of any sort required; all you will need is an Email address, username and a password. During our time we were able to sign up using a Gmail address. Overall it took us less than 10 minutes in total to get up and running with all services enabled. The response time was great and confirmation E-mail was almost instantaneous.

betcoin sign up

Depositing Coins in Betcoin Casino

As with the signup process depositing cryptocurrency to buy credits on the website is extremely easy. Betcoin.ag accepts only Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrency and no personal information is required whatsoever during deposit.

During our Betcoin Casino review we were able to deposit money by sending coins to the wallet address and also via scanning the QR code; both methods worked flawlessly and were almost instantaneous.

Betcoin.ag currently has the lower –minimum deposit limit of 0.01 BTC with one poker chip costing (during the writing of this review) at 0.001 BTC

betcoin my wallet

Deposit Bonus options for players on Betcoin.ag

We did notice an attractive bonus of 100%, 50% and 25% for first, second and third deposits respectively. What this means is that players can double their initial deposit (minimum 0.05BTC) amount by contacting support and as per current offers a free roll is also available to first time depositors. Also to add, there are more chances to earn bonuses, extra credits and boosts via promotional offers, affiliate programs and tournaments, it is highly unlikely that a user will every run out of such offers or deals.

Bonus page:

Bonus options for players on Betcoin.ag

To elaborate further on this topic the Betcoin Casino has 9 total Bonuses to offer:

  1. New Depositor Free roll: A chance to get into the 250 GTD New Depositor Freeroll
  2. 1 BTC First deposit bonus: A limited period offer of 1 BTC deposit bonus as a first deposit.
  3. 100% first deposit bonus: 100% first deposit bonus upto 1BTC (1000 credits) and 1 free spin.
  4. 50% 2nd deposit bonus: 50% second deposit bonus upto 1BTC (1000credits) and 1 free spin.
  5. 25% 3rd deposit bonus: 25% second deposit bonus upto 1BTC (1000credits) and 1 free spin.
  6. Sit and Crush: A chance to participate in Sit and Go Tournaments.
  7. Daily double MTT Jackpot: Access to one of the most paying jackpot on the website.
  8. Daily Coin 1BTC GTD: Access to one of the sub Tournaments of Daily Double MTT Jackpot.
  9. 110%-150% Table Starter Rakeback: A special Rakeback of upto 150% for ring game table starters.

Tip: Check back with Betcoin customer support for information on how you can activate deposit bonuses.

Betcoin Casino’s VIP Program for Players

Betcoin.ag VIP program is something unique; as soon as we signed up we were automatically registered for the benefits that come with the VIP program. The program offers multiple stages of Bonuses and rewards to players, needless to say loyalty pays more and once players get to a certain level they have access to some considerable rewards and bonuses.

The VIP program is neatly divided into 7 leagues and  3 levels, with rewards and bonuses increasing at each level up to a considerable Rakebacks and Lossbacks, what this means is that you can get handsome returns on not only what you earn but also if you lose your bets you can still get some returns out of them.

The interesting thing for us was that most Criptocoin currency gambling websites offer no more than 30-35 Rakebacks but betcoin.ag during the time of writing this review was offering a handsome return of 50% Rakeback in the 7th league, so dedicated longtime players have a real good chance of winning handsome amounts just via Rakeback alone.

For more information, the website has a neatly organized chart showcasing all 7 leagues with levels on this page: betcoin.ag vip

Winnings Withdrawal at Betcoin Casino

The withdrawal is routed through a manual checking system which is almost instantaneous… almost. We did receive certain reports from players for withdrawal time being as long as 4 hours and as little as 20 minutes. Our take is that withdrawal time depends on how effective their support staff is during that particular hour.

During the writing of this Betcoin Casino review we were able to access the withdrawal options for a full withdrawal via the flash client as well as from the web interface; the payout was never an issue since both Litecoin and Bitcoin offer instantaneous payouts.

Betcoin Casino Customer Support

Customer support was extremely efficient for the most time, during the time of writing this betcoin.ag review we acted as if we had no knowledge about online gambling whatsoever and they were very friendly, formal and during our chat we couldn’t find any grammatical mistakes either.

All in all the support staff was extremely courteous and highly responsive (which we liked).

Tip: the online chat support is only available from 8AM to 5PM ET only, although if you want to contact support after that we would suggest contacting them via E-mail and ticket system. (Links below)

betcoin.ag customer support

Pros and Cons

It was really hard to find any cons with the website, but then again we must write something here.


  1. Only two currencies accepted as of now.
  2. There were no live games with quality recordings as some other online casinos offer.
  3. Graphical elements though make it look good but also slow the website down.


  1. 3D graphics, yes we saw some really neat and well designed graphics.
  2. HUGE game library, there is something for everyone.
  3. Litecoin is accepted.
  4. Appealing UI and graphical elements.
  5. Responsive and professional chat system (very customer friendly).
  6. Play in multiple poker rooms.
  7. All countries accepted!

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  1. The review above on betccoin.ag isn’t recent I assume. Or perhaps your review is from what Betcoin’s staffs promotes?
    The advertised bonuses are attractive no doubt but saying they would give this and that bonus is one thing, do you know for certain they keep to their promises?
    Looks can be deceiving…what you get isn’t what you saw…

    I only just signed up at Betcoin a few weeks ago, I have serious issues with some of their promised bonuses, signed up for those awesome bonuses advertised.
    Trust me, its really not worth signing up, promised bonuses delayed or canceled and its been weeks and I still haven’t gotten any resolution. Truth is, they want to lure with those awesome fake bonuses they do not intend to make good, or the support staffs simply couldn’t be bothered. emails, support ticket and 2-3 weeks later without getting a single follow up from them left me in a really disappointed state.

    The nick I used here is exactly what I’m using at betcoin.ag, email is real as well, want to find out more? I have the support chat transcripts to prove some of the things I encountered? If you are fair to your readers and is opened to a possibility of an update or edit on your reviews, (when if my claims are convincing to you) then email me, I’ll explain in details, otherwise it’s pointless…I’m giving my real contact details because I have nothing to hide. Hates to see another fellow gamer falling for the same tricks as I did. The experience was and still is very unpleasant!

    • Add: out of the 9 nicely done bonus pictures shown above, about 3 or 4 of those will never happen. I’m saying this responsibly and from my own recent encounters at betcoin.ag, not some rumor or hear-say. They literally makes me feel like the bonuses is a gift, a free gift from them to me, if you want it beg for it and they may consider. Otherwise they just reply with “new policy, we are not issuing anymore 2nd deposit bonus”, I was told exactly that when i tried to get mine after the 2nd deposit of course. This though, isn’t as bad as another bonus issue I have, the support ticket and emails couldn’t even trigger a courteous response.

  2. Wonderful experience at Betcoin.ag and I highly recommend playing at this casino. These guys are doing it right and the experience is better than a traditional online casino because of the community they have created and the use of bitcoin. I received all of my bonuses and really enjoy the people and the offerings that Betcoin has to offer. Betcoin.ag’s support was quick and attentive and I believe I am playing at the future of online gaming with all of the options and new features Betcoin introduces. If you want to the best online gaming experience signup and play at Betcoin.

  3. So happy with their customer service i just have to write something. I had a bet a couple of months ago that just seemed off, i checked with the official sports websites and couldnt see that the people in the bet even competed that day. So i emailed the customer service and they actually admitted they made a mistake and paid me my bitcoin

  4. Do not gamle on this site, if u are a winner they will hack u and take your money by doing stupid gambles on dice, i won money last night on nba game BOS vs GSW and they hacked me next day and gambled it all on dice, they are crooks and do not like winners at their casino. and their website is laggy , ^^^ commenters above are not real people^^^ have a nice day everyone leave betcoin alone

  5. Something fishy is going at betcoin.ag. Been waiting for my ETH deposit to be credited for 4 hours and they keep saying the problem will be resolved soon.

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