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  1. SCAM SCAM SCAM . I hit a jackpots worth of bonuses on one of their games and never got paid out. I’ve been contacting them everyday for a month and no one will respond to me. They won’t even give me my initial deposit back which is far less than what they owe me. I have screenshots galore to prove I’m not just making this stuff up. DONT expect to get paid even if you wim

  2. I just started to play on BETCHAIN casino, I have played at MBIT casino and VEGASCASINO.io and for MBIT I had a 10 bitcoin withdraw that was processed and arrived in my online wallet within 20-30 minutes, VEGASCASINO.io I had a 76 BITCOIN withdraw that was processed and arrived in my account in about the same 20-30 minute time frame. BETCHAIN I just won 20 bitcoins today and they informed me that I must upload my ID. I am not saying that they will not pay me but I am very curious why this is nessicary considering the other 2 mentioned above they didn’t need any documents at all. I just got paid instantly. As long as I get paid then I am happy with BETCHAIN casino. I will leave a message to inform everyone how it goes.

  3. Alejandro Steiner

    I’ve played 0.02 BTC and I’ve earned 1.4861BTC fair square… when I tried to withdraw my earnings.. after following all their BS ID background checks eventhought I wasn’t withdrawing cash… just BTC.. after uploading all my IDs and selfies. they told me the withdraw will be ready in 30 mins…. after 30 mins have passed. Support told me the payout had to be reviewed by a manager… then almost 22 hours later. I got a very stupid excused that I breached their rules which is nonsense.. if something is not allowed.. they software must not allow you to do something… it’s a trap so that they don’t pay you… and my 1.486 btc disappeared.. they emptied my earnings without a proper excuse.. they stole my earnings.. I have screenshots of everything when I got the 1.4btc and after when they emptied my balance… I will start legal action against this site… do not expect them to pay you even if you win.. STAY AWAY..

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