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AurumAge Casino Review

Aurum is a Latin word that literally means gold. Not surprisingly, gold is the prevailing color you will find at AurumAge Casino. Some may find the gold motif, especially as it is paired with the unspectacular web design, too gaudy, but this should not discourage you from considering this online casino as one of your options. There’s more behind the less than attractive website.

AurumAge Bit Casino promises some of the best online gambling experience. It offers a wide range of games including slots, baccarat, roulette, video poker, and blackjack. All of the games are web-based so there’s no need for any download. Players can play these games with real money or, just like what other great casinos offer, allow players to simply play for fun.

Aurum is a Latin word that literally means gold. Not surprisingly, gold is the prevailing color you will find at AurumAge Casino. Some may find the gold motif, especially as it is paired with the unspectacular web design, too gaudy, but this should not discourage you from considering this online casino as one of your options. There’s more behind the less than attractive website. AurumAge Bit Casino promises some of the best online gambling experience. It offers a wide range of games including slots, baccarat, roulette, video poker, and blackjack. All of the games are web-based so there’s no need…

AurumAge Casino Ratings:

Trust - 91%
Quality - 93%
Promotions - 80%
Games Diversity - 86%
Support - 87%


Great Casino!

User Rating: 4.7 ( 2 votes)

This online casino also supports anonymous gambling. There are no documents required from players. However, it also allows players to sign up for accounts using their social media login. Of course, if the latter option is chosen, it’s only natural that they will lose the advantage of anonymity, unless they create a social media account using a fictitious identity.

Moreover, players can get winnings almost immediately. There are multiple payment methods supported. There are also opportunities to make money other than by winning in the casino games. You can join the affiliate program to earn funds through referrals. You immediately earn something as the players you referred start playing on this online casino.

AurumAge Homepage


As usual, this AurumAge BitCoin Casino review has to include a section discussing the registration process. We have to say that signing up for an account with this online casino had been a breeze. It has one of the fastest and easiest registration processes among leading online casinos. The registration online form even featured a nickname generator just in case you are not sure about what to use for a nickname.

It’s a very short process that only required an email address, nickname, and password. As a force of habit, we had to uncheck the Receive Newsletter tick box (checked by default) so it may have taken up a second of our time. All in all, the process took around 5 to 7 seconds. It’s really quick! There might be some little delay in loading the page after hitting the Continue button but it’s more than tolerable.

We were automatically logged into our account after clicking on the Continue button.

AurumAge Bit Coin Casino Registration


Actually, there’s an even faster way to sign up for an account. You can just sign up using your social media or other online accounts. This could be your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Windows LiveID, Flickr, LastFM, Soundcloud, Steam, WebMoney, YouTube, uID, FourSquare, Tumblr, Vimeo, dudu, and or even your Wargaming.net account. Once you click on any of the buttons corresponding to these accounts, you will be directed to page that will ask you to verify the process. You will only have to spend a few clicks and your account is all set up.

You can view the rest of the account buttons by clicking on the dropdown menu (downward pointing arrow).

 AurumAge BitCoin Casino social

The AurumAge Casino Account Dashboard

The account dashboard is as simple as simple could get. Access it by clicking on the Deposit/Cashout link to the left under the Main Menu.

It only shows options for Deposit and Cashout transactions. The currency used is USD/$. Your bitcoin and altcoin deposits are automatically converted to their $ values.

deposits at AurumAge BitCoin Casino

If you have bonus or promo codes, you will have to go to the Profile section under the Main Menu, the bottommost option alongside the games. This is also where you can change your password. You can no longer modify your nickname, email address, and referral URL for the affiliate program.

The Games on AurumAge BitCoin Casino

Here we come to one of the most important parts of this AurumAge BitCoin Casino review – the games. What games does this casino offer?

Honestly, we have to say the collection of games offered is nothing that can be considered the aurum age or golden age of online casinos. It does not compare to the variety and extent other online casinos offer. Nevertheless, there’s a decent enough amount of variation. The Slots category, just like in other online casinos, has the most number of games.

There’s nothing special about the way the games are presented. You will not even find descriptions and individual thumbnails. Nevertheless, it’s easy browsing through them since they are presented in just one page. The “Play for Money” and “Play for Fun” links appear once you hover your mouse pointer over the game titles.

All in all, there are 68 games in this online casino.

  • There are 3 games under the Roulette category namely, Multiplayer Roulette, American Roulette, and Classic Roulette.
  • The Blackjack category has 5 games, which are Multiplayer Blackjack, One Deck Blackjack, European Blackjack, Open Blackjack, and Six Decks Blackjack.
  • For the Video Poker category, there are 3 games. These are Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, and Tens or Better.
  • The Poker games in this online casino, on other hand, come in 4 varieties: Multiplayer Poker, Caribbean Poker, Oasis Poker, and Russian Poker.
  • There are 2 Baccarat games, the standard Baccarat and Multiplayer Baccarat.
  • Lastly, there are a total of 51 Slots games in AurumAge Bitcoin Casino. There are HD slots available, just in case you want to play with a screen that looks a little more pleasing.

Games on AurumAge BitCoin Casino

There is a news item on this site that says you can play poker with live people but don’t mistake it for a casino game with live dealers. There are no live dealers in this online casino.

We can say that the games on AurumAge Casino are decent enough. There’s nothing special about the graphics and overall game presentation. The options are basic. Nevertheless, there’s a chat function for all the games so you can interact with other players. Also, the games load fairly quickly. Just be reminded that the games load as browser pop-ups. You have to enable pop-ups for this site to be able to load the games. Also, you can’t run multiple games at the same time. The game you click overrides the old one you loaded. Multiple pop-ups are not supported, which is good as it helps prevent confusion.

Game Software

We are inclined to write in this AurumAge Casino review that the gaming platform or software used is proprietary. We could not find authoritative information regarding the platform used. When we individually checked the games, they only show the AurumAge BitCoin Casino branding.

The games are in Flash. It’s not in the more preferable HTML5 but the performance is decent enough. It is recommended using the most recent version of the Flash browser plugin to avoid issues or problems while playing.

If game errors are encountered, AurumAge requires players to stop playing and to immediately report the problem to the administration. Pertinent compensations to players for the possible losses will only be provided if the problems are promptly reported.

Mobile-Friendly Site and Games

AurumAge website may not be that attractive but it has a mobile-friendly version. Once loaded on a mobile browser, this online casino automatically displays the games available with the convenient Play and Play for Fun buttons easily accessible. There are no mobile apps for iOS or Android available but the mobile version of the site should already suffice to allow players to play using their mobile devices. The games are in Flash, which may not be as efficient as their HTML5 counterparts, but they are decently playable in most mobile devices.
mobile friendly games

AurumAge Bit Coin Casino Currency

AurumAge Casino uses cryptocurrency particularly bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC), and dogecoin (DOGE). It also accepts USD. In fact, the amounts in the games and in most other pages we have stumbled upon as we did this AurumAge Casino review are stated in $.
AurumAge Currency
There are many payment methods supported namely, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, MasterCard and VISA cards, WalletOne, OKPAY, SMS, RBK, Ukashi, Qiwi, Liqpay, Rnex, and Skrill.

The amounts are expressed in $ on the site. The bitcoins and altcoins deposited are already automatically converted to $ at the time they are processed.

There is no “FUN” currency or other forms of play money here. However, the games have their respective Play for Fun versions to allow players to try the games out without having to spend bitcoins, altcoins, or fiat currency yet.

Policies on Deposits, Withdrawals, and Betting

For the deposits, the minimum amount set is $.01. There is no maximum limit for deposits. When it comes to withdrawals, the minimum is $0.05 and just like the policy on deposits, there is no maximum. Both deposit and withdrawal transactions are automatically processed so players can expect them to be in their accounts instantly, within a minute, or within the day tops.

The great thing about AurumAge Casino is that it does not charge for deposits and withdrawals at the moment. However, charges may be imposed later on, as indicated on the casino’s website.

When it comes to the betting amounts, the minimum requirement is $0.01. There is no limit imposed for the maximum betting amount.

AurumAge Bonuses and Rewards

Unfortunately, AurumAge Casino does not offer its own bonuses. It does not have its own rewards program. You can still get free currency to be used in playing but not by making deposits or with your achievements. You can get $0.05 money bonus from LibertyResrve every two hours through a raffle. This means that you will have to sign in to a different website to avail of the bonus. You can also get $0.05 or %0.10 per click on the ads displayed on the site. There are also bonus monies by signing up at third party websites.

These are not the kind of bonuses you would expect in a good online casino. You should even be wary about where the links will direct you.

AurumAge Bonuses and Rewards

AurumAge BitCoin Casino also has an affiliate program that is said to grant immediate payouts. It’s basically a program that makes you promote this online casino to other players through a referral URL. You will then get a 15%

reward based on the casino profits (equivalent to 3% of lost bets) generated by the players you successfully invited to sign up for an account on AurumAge Casino.

AurumAge Casino Poker Support

Unfortunately, customer support on this online casino is only via email. It’s not one of the most responsive email customer systems we have encountered but you should be able to get a response from your inquiries concerns within the day.

All Players Accepted Unless Stated Otherwise or Unless Your Account is Not Granted or Terminated We can’t find specific information about whether or not this online casino accepts US players. What the site simply says is that players should be of legal age and that there should be no legal restrictions on online gambling in their respective countries. We can’t conclusively say in this AurumAge Casino review that US players are banned or not. The site says they don’t accept all players around the world but the amounts stated on the site are expressed in USD/$. If you can access the site and sign up for an account, you are likely allowed to play and wager your bitcoins or real money. Otherwise, just enjoy playing the Play for Fun games since it’s very unlikely to get banned from accessing those games.

To serve players in non-English speaking countries, the site is viewable in other language versions. These other languages include German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Latvian, Romanian, Turkish, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Czech, Magyar, Polish, and Ukrainian.

Licensing and Security Guarantee

We could not find details about AurumAge Casino’s licensing and regulation. However, we are not keen in questioning this online casino’s credibility. It has been getting favorable feedback and is considered as one of the leading online bitcoin casinos around.

The casino also uses 128-bit SSL data encryption for its transactions to ensure security. It also implies that it is being audited by EGOGRA and displays a seal that says “Hacker Safe.”

hacker safe

Things You Must Know about Aurum Age Casino

Before playing on this online casino, we would like to highlight in this Aurum Age Casino review some of the most important pages of the website you should visit. First, you need to read the Rules, Privacy Privacy, and User Agreement. Avoid encountering issues later on and claiming that you did not know that certain policies exist and you don’t know them. Also, be sure to read the FAQ page.

Ironically, Aurum Age Casino does not maintain social media accounts despite supporting player account registration via social media and using social media sharing buttons on their site.

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous online gambling unless you sign up using your social media account
  • No fees on deposits and withdrawals
  • Quick loading games
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Site available in numerous other languages


  • No deposit bonuses and an in-house bonus or reward system
  • Email-only support
  • No provably fair games
  • No live chat support
  • No live casino games

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