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Another Huge BTC Payout Playing Slots at Popular Bitcoin Casino

It seems to be a continuing trend on bitcoin casino sites that everyone wants to have a piece of the pie. You may have seen more recently in the news than not, how bitcoin casino players are winning lots of money.Furthermore, they are doing it by making very small BTC bets.

This time the exciting news of winning money comes from the Bitcoincasino.us gambling engine. It was a new record for the casino with the player winning 39.08 BTC. All this on a single round of slot machines.

Such a record win is more than $60,000. While 24.5 billion bets have been placed using bitcoins over the last two years, it is not often announced about large payouts. However, this has been the uptrend in the bitcoin casino world as of late. More gambling. Now, more winning.

It was only a week ago that two winners cashed out $100,000 in bitcoin over a two day period. All this on the very popular BitStarz casino. The winners took $50,000 and $47,473 respectively, and sure enough, both were also played on the casino’s slot machine games. But winning is an itch that many players like to scratch. This is why bitcoin gambling online has become an increasingly popular game for individuals. The games are cheap to buy-in and the potential for a large payout is great.

This lucky winner of $60,000 for example, made only a $30 bet, or the equivalent of 0.0174 BTC. With very little to lose, there is so much more to gain, keeping the bets going strong.

Never doubt the winning streaks, however. They come and they go. A marketing manager at BitStarz, Srdjan Kapor said usually a gambler thinks that “it will take time again until a machine pays out this much money [as evident with casinos in Las Vegas and around the world]. But that is not the case as these Slot machines are on fire now.”

So one could argue the hero in this story is the casino, for branding a game that is now paying out dividends to its massive community and clientele. However, it is important to recognize that the hero is the player himself. He continues to play and continues to risk great loss for a potential payout. The casinos are paying out as you can read in the news, but the players are playing, which is more important.

And why does he continue to gamble? Because it is safe.

All bitcoin casinos assure anonymity and even are based in Europe and other countries to maintain legal assurances. Some sites out there are going to take your money and even other personal information if they are capable of getting it. But most bitcoin casinos are providers of safe and protection gambling.

But finding the casino that does not tamper with the player is what matters most. This is why reading reviews about each site is important before going and making your first bet. The reputations of BitStarz and even bitcoincasino.us will continue to bring players but offering safe and fair games that in the end provide bigger payouts, will only attract new people. It does not matter if you are a high roller, you can win big, crash hard and lose, but maintaining your privacy and identity is important and these casinos provide that.

And moreover, these casinos back up their talk. Both BitStarz and BitcoinCasino have seen players win big over the last year. To end 2015 for instance, the largest payout on the former was ever recorded at €51,438. Another individual walked away with over €16,000 recently. And even a person won over $40,000 on a slot machine playing on the BitcoinCasino site.

So what will you do next? First, the recommendation is to read up on your casino of choice. Moreover, explore the games that they offer. Safari cashed out big this week, but tomorrow it may be another game. Do not immediately dive in and invest into bitcoincasino.us or BitStarz simply because they are paying at the moment. Make informed decisions and play with your gut, because your gut is probably the right instinct to roll with. This is what makes you a profitable player. Everyone needs to win money but it is more important to prevent getting suckered out of all your cash on a game you never knew anything about.

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