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Anonibet Review

Touted as one of the most innovative and dynamic betting sites on the web, Anonibet offers a variety of options for online gambling. It is not just an online casino, it also offers live betting, sports betting, and casino games with live dealers. This online gambling site has been on the web since 2011 and claims to offer betting games that have been made easier and faster. Its longevity alone makes it one of the sports betting sites worth considering. After all, a bitcoin gambling site could not last long if it fails to deliver satisfactory or excellent service.

Touted as one of the most innovative and dynamic betting sites on the web, Anonibet offers a variety of options for online gambling. It is not just an online casino, it also offers live betting, sports betting, and casino games with live dealers. This online gambling site has been on the web since 2011 and claims to offer betting games that have been made easier and faster. Its longevity alone makes it one of the sports betting sites worth considering. After all, a bitcoin gambling site could not last long if it fails to deliver satisfactory or excellent service. As…

Anonibet Ratings:

Trust - 98%
Quality - 93%
Promotions - 96%
Games Diversity - 95%
Support - 96%


Top Rated!

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As the site’s name implies, Anonibet is committed to anonymous betting. It emphasizes online gambling opportunities that don’t require players to divulge information about themselves. This online gambling anonymity being offered, as Anonibet asserts, “rivals and in many cases exceeds the best online sportsbooks in the world.” This is mainly because of the cryptocurrency bitcoin, which takes away the need for a central authority to handle currency.

Anonibet takes pride in the extensive selection of sporting events it offers. From the Champions League to UEFA Europa League and various sports events including fighting sports, this sports betting site has nearly everything covered. It also features live in-play.

When it comes to casino games, there are more than 150 available, featuring a good mix of classic and arcade games. There are also 4 live casino games with live dealers for those who want to experience something similar to playing at an actual casino.

This Anonibet review attempts to thoroughly examine what makes this bitcoin gambling site different from others, highlight its good points, and expose issues that players deserve to know.

Anonibet homepage

Good Looking Site But with Average Page Loading

With its atypical website layout, Anonibet is one of the gambling sites on the web that can be distinguished from the rest, when it come to the looks. It has a neat web design with tile elements similar to the modern Windows interface. Based on the overall presentation of the site, it can be said that Anonibet is more of a sports and live events betting site. Most of the information shown on the homepage are about wagering over sports and notable events. If you click on the Casino and Live Casino sections, you will not be able to access the casino-related details and games unless you sign up or log in.

As we were assessing the page loading times, we observed that the pages weren’t loading as quickly as we thought they should. Most of what’s supposed to be loaded were just texts. Graphics on this site are very minimal so it’s unexpected for the pages to be less than snappy.

Also, we encountered a “your session was suspended” message (image below) at the Live Betting section. We reckon that it’s a mechanism designed to secure the site or to maximize site resources but it somehow felt odd because the page was still on our screen (still visible) although the window is not active because we were writing this Anonibet review on another window (word processor) while examining the site in another window (browser). It appears that you are not supposed to do something else in another window while playing with Anonibet Live Betting in another (still visible) window.

Anonibet session

The Anonibet Registration Process

Signing up for an Anonibet account is a short process although it involves email verification. We signed up for an account  and got one in less than 15 seconds. The verification email arrived on our inbox in probably less than a second. You need two clicks for the verification, though. The link on the email is not yet the link that will verify your account. Unlike how it works with other sites, you have to click on the verification button you will find at the page that loads once you click on the verification link on your email.

Anonibet register page

Basic Account Dashboard that Requires the Setting Up of a PIN Code

Before discussing the dashboard, it’s worth mentioning that once you log in to your Anonibet account, you will be greeted by a page that asks you to set a PIN code. You will not be able to proceed to playing or doing other things on the site unless you set up your PIN code. It took us some time completing this PIN code stage because the PIN code guide (a little hovering dialog box) did not appear as we entered our PIN code. We entered a four-digit number, which was rejected because the code should be 6-20 characters long and should contain both letters and numbers.

PIN code anonibet casino

Because Anonibet is not just an online casino, you can expect that the dashboard will have more things going on (compared to typical online casino dashboards). However, you just have to remember that there are only four important sections you will have to deal with (Profile, History, Deposit, and Withdraw). These are all accessible through the dropdown menu in the My Account button.

Anonibet My Account button

The dashboard seems intuitive enough. It should not confuse even those who are new to playing at online casinos. There are also brief instructions or information inserted in some sections to guide users on what needs to be done.

Enjoy an Extensive Array of Games at Anonibet

The games on Anonibet are divided into 4 sections: Sports Betting, Live Betting, Live Casino, and Casino.

The Sports Betting section is basically everything you will find on the Anonibet homepage. You can place bets on various sports including soccer, basketball, American football, ice hockey, tennis, baseball, motorsport, volleyball, handball, cycling, rugby, golf, snooker, cricket, floorball, fighting sports, Champions League, and the UEFA Europa League. There’s a helpful advanced search tool you can use in case you want to find specific sports events based on the time range, standard, and odd range.

The Live Betting section features live sports events and other notable events in different parts of the world. Your location is automatically detected so what appears on the page are mostly games happening in your country or state.

The Live Casino section features live roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and craps games. There are live dealers for these games. Unfortunately, as we tried evaluating the live games for this Anonibet review, we were told that we need to make a bitcoin deposit first. This is unlike the live casinos of other online gambling sites that allow you to have a preview of the live games even if you have 0 deposits

Live casino anonibet

  • The Casino section of Anonibet features a wide array of games grouped in 5 categories. These categories are Table Games, Card Games, Slots, Video Poker, and Arcades.
  • The Table Games category features mostly roulette games. There are a total of 7 of them at the time this Anonibet review was written.
  • The Card Games include baccarat, multihand baccarat, blackjack, casino hold’em, poker, and pontoon games. This category has a total of 32 games.
  • There are 60 games under the Slots category, offering a good number of variations of this popular casino game.
  • The Video Poker category features 30 games.
  • Lastly, there are 25 games in the Arcade category, which include bingo, scratch card, and instant lotto games.

All of the games feature high quality graphics. They really look good so you may forgive them for taking a little more time than usual to load. Also, all of the casino games can be played even if you don’t have bitcoins yet. You can try them all first before engaging in a serious game with real bitcoins wagered. You get 500 chips so you can proceed with your test playing. These 500 chips, however, cannot be used once you switch to the real version of the games. They cannot also be converted to bitcoins or real money.

Anonibet preferences

Another interesting thing about Anonibet’s games is that you get to do some settings changes with them. You may change the sound volume, game speed, and dealer voice. You may also change the games to full screen mode.

There’s also one advantageous feature of the casino games we would like to highlight in this Anonibet review. This is the ability to switch games from within the loaded game. You just have to click on the X button on the upper right corner of the game (beside Lobby) so you can go to the index of games available. This is particularly great when you are playing at full screen and you want to switch to another game. There’s no need to close the game and find another one on the boring text-only list at the Casino page.

Anonibet Casino page

Anonibet does not claim to have provably fair games. We did some research and we can assume in this Anonibet review that the games offered are not provably fair. There are no methods published online on how to test the casino games on Anonibet for fairness

Anonibet Game Platform and Software Requirements

Anonibet has not disclosed information about the gaming software they use or the providers of their online casino games. We asked them about this through the live chat support but they refused to divulge information regarding the matter. We are inclined to believe that they are using their proprietary software. The games appear to be in Flash. They may take a little more time to load but the game interface is highly responsive once everything has been loaded.

Not for Mobile Players

Unfortunately, Anonibet does not support mobile playing. The website fails to load properly when loaded on a mobile browser. The site only shows a white page when viewed through a mobile device. We ran our usual Google Mobile-Friendly Test for this Anonibet review and the report stated that the page appears to be not mobile-friendly. No mobile viewport has been set.

Anonibet mobile view

We also tried loading Anonibet on our low-end Lenovo tablet and one mid-range Samsung smartphone. The site loads on these devices and we reckon that it loads in other mobile devices. However, the site does not use a responsive web design. What gets loaded is a full desktop view of the site so navigating through it can be a hassle.

Anionibit also does not have mobile apps for either Android or iOS.

Currency, Betting Policies and Handling

There are two currencies used on Anonibet. These are bitcons (BTC) and (USD). The currency you chose when you signed up for an account is going to be the currency that will be used in your account forever.It cannot be changed later. You cannot also add a new currency.

The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are the same at 0.001 BTC.

Generally, bitcoins that have been deposited on the Anonibet system are charged a 5% fee if they are withdrawn without being used for sports betting or the casino games. This policy, however, does not apply to players who are already considered frequenters or VIPs. All other withdrawals are not charged a fee.

The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is 500 BTC for 24 hours.

Those who maintain accounts that use USD as currency will be made to withdraw their USD in BTC. USD balances will be converted to BTC supposedly at the current BTC=USD exchange rate. We asked customer support for this information to make sure that we are presenting the right facts in this Anonibet review. However, it appears that the Anonibet’s exchange rate is different from the rate that can be found online. We suggest that you ask customer support first before making currency conversions to avoid issues.

The minimum bet amount is 0.001 BTC. All bets are deemed final. They can no longer be changed or cancelled once placed.

Anonibet Rewards

Anonibet does not provide bonuses but it has a rewards program. This program allows players to accumulate points for every bet placed. These points can then be converted into cash, reflected on the player’s Anonibet account balance.

The amount of cash rewards depends on the loyalty level of a player. All new players are automatically enrolled in the rewards program at the Bronze level. To advance to a higher you need to play more on any of the games on Anonibet.

You can learn more about these rewards through Anonibet’s official Tumblr page. Explaining the whole complicated rewards system of Anonibet will unnecessarily make this review long so it’s better to just read about it on the link given.

The table below summarizes the whole Anonibet rewards system.

Anonibet also has an affiliate program that offers commissions to player who can invite new players to the site. There are different commissions offered including a 0.3% commission for pre-match single bets and live single bets, 1% commission for pre-match multiple bets and pre-match system bets, as well as 1% for the live multiple bets of the players invited or referred.

Additionally, Anonibet offers a Discount Bonus that returns to players up to 10% of their losses based on the total number of concluded multiple bets.

Players Served, Site Languages and Customer Support

Anonibet expressly states that it only accepts players from locations where online gambling is legal. Players from the United States and in other parts of the world are welcome. However, the site can only be viewed in the English language.

Anonibet provides customer support mainly through a live chat. IT’s a responsive live chat facility you can access through a persistent blue “CHAT” button you can find at the lower left corner of all pages. You may also send a message through the Support page. Just be sure to enter a valid email address on the email field here because the reply to your inquiry or concern will be sent to your email account.

Anonibet Privacy and Safety

Anonibet emphasizes player privacy so no personal information are being collected. USD withdrawals are also converted to bitcoins so identity verifications are no longer needed and the security of the players’ bitcoin wallets are just made their sole responsibility. To avoid bitcoin theft, Anonibet does not maintain online bitcoin wallets on their servers.

Learn More about Anonibet

Anonibet is a UK-based online gambling operation. We find it difficult to find the official address of this online gambling site but we can deduce its operations location based on IP lookup. Also, it is difficult to get information about its licensing and regulation.

For a comprehensive guide on the system implemented by Anonibet, go over its answers to frequently asked questions. To avoid violating rules or policies, be sure to read the site’s terms and conditions. Anonibet also has social media accounts so follow them if you want to get updated information about this online betting site or to send messages via social media.

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymity guaranteed!
  • Long-running bitcoin sportsbook, comes with implied credibility
  • Live betting and live casino
  • 10% cash back on all losses in the sportsbook
  • Responsive live chat customer support


  • No signup and deposit bonuses
  • The currency set during registration can no longer be changed
  • Only one currency can be used in an account. The adding of a new currency is not allowed.
  • The rewards system is said to be simple but you need some time understanding it.

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One comment

  1. Hey guys my account number I made a deposit to play a bit on Anonibet. I made two bets on CHL MU-Valencia corners , and NHL preseason game New Jersey with some team on total. Than my account was blocked due to some fraude checks. As support explaned me such “rare!!!”( yes very rare Chempions leage and NHL ) bets were made by group of people , and I am suspected in fraud. Most probably I have another accounts in order to increase bet maximum.

    1 Yes events are very rare ))
    2 I made a deposit of around 50$ , so what bet max are you talking about ??
    3 I never had another account you can check it by IP or my computer data ( I don’t know)
    4 Well if you place this events why can I bet on it ??
    5 I can proove my identity with documents or even skype call

    So I do not recomend this web site for bets , as they can take your money with the explanation that you are cheater, so be careful guys. You can contact me if you have any questions I will be glad to answer.

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