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10xBTC Review

10xBTC is a bitcoin gambling site that distinguishes itself from other sites by promising that “no one loses.” It claims to be the easiest bitcoin lottery site. Its website states that it is supposed to be a lottery and dice site but we actually found no dice game on the site. Still, it’s a good bitcoin gambling site with a simple game with simple rules but generous prizes.

10xBTC is a bitcoin gambling site that distinguishes itself from other sites by promising that “no one loses.” It claims to be the easiest bitcoin lottery site. Its website states that it is supposed to be a lottery and dice site but we actually found no dice game on the site. Still, it’s a good bitcoin gambling site with a simple game with simple rules but generous prizes. This online bitcoin gambling site offers opportunities to win up to 100 BTC. It imposes a bet maximum limit of 1 BTC, which sounds reassuring for us since it shows that the…

10xBTC Ratings:

Trust - 92%
Quality - 87%
Promotions - 93%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 85%


Great Bitcoin Lottery

User Rating: 0.45 ( 1 votes)

This online bitcoin gambling site offers opportunities to win up to 100 BTC. It imposes a bet maximum limit of 1 BTC, which sounds reassuring for us since it shows that the site has a sense of up to how much it can actually play its winning players. It’s not like other bitcoin gambling sites that accept extremely high bet amounts but are not actually capable of paying the winners in case these high bet amounts win.

When it comes to player registration, 10xBTC stands out for making it really easy to get an account. In fact, everyone who visits the site is automatically granted an account. It’s just up to the player to claim the account and secure it with a username and password. Moreover, 10xBTC may not employ a provably fair game system but it uses a third party random number generator that makes the lottery results decidedly fair.

Learn more about this bitcoin gambling site by reading further into our 10xBTC review.

10xBTC Homepage

Player Account Automatically Created

10xBTC does not have a typical account registration process. Your account is automatically created the moment you visit the website. A prompt will just ask you to name your account. Just enter your desired username on the Name Your Account field to the right and you get automatically signed in. You will then be able to access your account dashboard and cashier (Deposit/Withdrawal) page.

10xBTC Account Registration

You will have to add a password to your account to secure it. Otherwise, your account can be accessed by simply entering your username and leaving the password field blank. In other words, you will be able to access your account again as long as you remember your username. Incidentally, without a password, anybody who knows your username can log into your account and use it with full access.

You will also be asked to add an email address, which will most likely be used for resetting your password in case it becomes necessary.

Account Dashboard and Game Interface

There is nothing much to say about the account dashboard since this is just a lottery game site. What you can do with your account dashboard is the simple addition of a password and email address. For the deposits and withdrawals, the process is rather straightforward. The game interface is responsive although it should be expected since the game is simple and only has very minimal animation.

10xBTC Account Registration - Adding Password and Email

We have to note, though, that 10xBTC’s website has the potential to crash a browser especially if you are using a computer with low specs. In our experience in keeping the site open on our browser for a long time as we did this 10xBTC review, we noticed that it affected the responsiveness of the other websites (Google Docs in particular) we had running on our web browser. If we had a low-spec computer, we’re quite sure that our browser would have already crashed.

The 10xBTC Lottery

As mentioned in the introductory part of this 10xBTC review, this BTC gambling site is supposed to have two games. However, we couldn’t find the dice game. There is no link or specific section that shows a dice game. As such, we will only be discussing the site’s lottery game.

10xBTC Game

10xBTC’s lottery game draws a combination of 3 winning random numbers every 5 minutes. These 3 random numbers are from 00 to 49. Your lottery ticket, however, can contain 4 numbers of your choice. You may also click on the Random numbers button to let the system choose your numbers for you (lucky pick). You don’t have to match the sequence of the winning numbers. It’s similar to the standard lotto game.

If your numbers match all 3 winning numbers, your bet gets multiplied by 100 or you can win up to 100 BTC. If you get only 2 winning numbers, your bet is multiplied by 10 or a prize of up to 10 BTC. If you get just one winning number, you still get a prize, which is double the amount of your bet or up to 2 BTC. These are relatively large prizes. Just imagine winning the top prize. That’s more than 44,000 USD!

On the other hand, if your numbers fail to match any of the winning numbers, you still get some free satoshis (more on this in the Promotions section below).

The winning numbers are chosen through a True Random Number (TRN) Generator (more on this in the Game Software section below). The TRN used for 10xBTC does not generate exactly 3 pairs of numbers. What happens is that the 10xBTC system only picks the last 3 pairs of numbers generated by the TRN. Each of the three pairs of numbers are then divided by 2 since 10xBTC only uses 00-49 while the TRN used generates number pairs from 00 to 99.

Claiming the Prizes

If you win a prize, you need to claim it by clicking on the Claim link at the header or footer part of the website. This link leads you to the Check/Claim Winnings section of the site, which is actually located at the middle part of the homepage. Just enter your ticket’s Order Number at the appropriate field and click the Check Your Order button.

10xBTC Prize Claiming

10xBTC Game Software and Fairness

10xBTC uses a proprietary software for its lottery game. Although it’s not a provably fair system, we can state in this 10xBTC review that it is fair since this site uses an independent third party random number generator. The site uses random numbers generated by the True Random Number (TRN) Generator of Agencia Espacial Civil Ecuatoriana, a foreign space agency. The random number is produced using a number of space variables (flux density variations collected by three satellites) and environmental variables (evapo-transpiration, densiy, and barometric pressure parameters from the Guayaquil meteorological station).

10xBTC Game Fairness - Random Number Generator

It’s impossible for anyone to influence these variables to manipulate the resulting random number so we have to agree that 10xBTC’s random numbers are indeed random. Well, it’s possible to hack the site of the TRN but we doubt that a relatively small bitcoin gambling site like 10xBTC would go to such extent to cheat on its players. You can verify

10xBTC Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Unfortunately, 10xBTC does not have a mobile-friendly website. The site does not have a separate mobile version and does not feature a responsive web design. Additionally, it does not have mobile apps for playing the game on iOS or Android devices. The game can still be played on most smartphones and tablets since it does not require any specific software or browser plugin. However, site layout is not conducive to standard  mobile playing. A stylus can address the difficulty of tapping the right buttons or interactive page elements on the game, though.

10xBTC Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Bet Details

10xBTC only uses bitcoins. Making deposits is made through a wallet-to-wallet transaction. If you go to the Deposit page, you will be presented with a bitcoin wallet address to which you will send your deposit. Similarly, if you want to make withdrawals, you will have to use the same bitcoin wallet you used for making deposits. You will be adding your bitcoin wallet address, by the way, through the account dashboard, in the page where you will be adding your account password and email address. The bitcoin wallet address is not added through the Deposit or Withdrawal sections.

The minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC. There is no maximum amount limit stated on the site. There is no information regarding minimum and maximum withdrawals.

When it comes to bets, 10xBTC sets minimum and maximum limits: 0.005 BTC and 1 BTC. The bet is actually the price of the lottery ticket you buy.

10xBTC Bonuses and Promotions

We didn’t expect it but 10xBTC actually offers a deposit bonus. It is referred to as a Welcome Bonus. It is a 100% Welcome Bonus that doubles the amount of your first deposit.

10xBTC also offers its so-called 0-Hit Bonus. This bonus is given to players whose tickets don’t win (no number, not even one, matching the winning number combination). This bonus grants 10 satoshis for every losing ticket.

There is no wagering or rollover requirement mentioned on the site. We suspect that there is. We sent an inquiry to 10xBTC via email and social media regarding this but we have not received a response from 10xBTC yet.

Moreover, 10xBTC has a relatively generous affiliate program. This program offers 5%  of all the bets made by the player you refer to the site. Yes, that’s “bet amount,” not “profit” or “house edge.” It’s great deal that can get you a continuous stream of revenues from 10xBTC even if you don’t play often on the site. 10xBTC has a good presentation on the earnings potential you have with this affiliate program (screenshot shown below).

10xBTC Affiliate Program

You don’t get automatically signed up to the affiliate program. You need to register your account first so you can get the affiliate link you will be using to attract more players into 10xBTC. The site supplies the affiliate banners you can use but you may also create and use your own banners. You need to accumulate at least 0.001 BTC before you can withdraw your affiliate earnings.

10xBTC Player Support

If you have questions or concerns about the game or you need some clarifications regarding the game rules and prizes, you can send an email to support@10xbtc.com. If you have complaints or concerns regarding the claiming of your prizes, send an email to claims@10xbtc.com. Unfortunately, there is no live chat support on this bitcoin gambling site. Nevertheless, it has Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can try sending messages to 10xBTC through these social media accounts. The social media links are presented below.

10xBTC Country Restrictions and Site Languages

We contacted 10xBTC for information about country restrictions. Unfortunately, we received no reply from them yet as of the time this 10xBTC review was completed. We reckon, though, that this site accepts players from all parts of the world as the players are of legal age (18 years and older) and there are no laws in their respective countries that prohibit the wagering of real money or cryptocurrencies on sites like 10xBTC.

The 10xBTC is available in 4 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. The language selector is on the upper right corner of the site.

10xBTC Site Languages

10xBTC License, Regulation, Security, and Anonymity

There is no information on the 10xBTC website regarding its online gambling license and regulation. Similarly, there’s nothing mentioned about the security of accounts and transactions. Because of this, we recommend caution for all players. We suggest making small deposits and trying to win smaller prizes first and withdrawing small winnings.

On the other hand, it can be said that 10xBTC is a good option for those who want to remain anonymous while playing a simple online bitcoin game. This site does not require proofs of identity from players. The site also does not specifically mention that it reserves the right to ask for identity proofs before allowing players to make withdrawals.

Know More about 10xBTC through the Following Pages

This online gambling site only has a few pages so it should be relatively easy getting acquainted with it. To quickly get the gist of what the site is all about, though, we suggest going to the FAQ and How It Works sections. There is also a Rules page but it returned an error at the time we did this 10xBTC review. 10xBTC also has social media accounts where you can get updates about the site.

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous online gambling
  • Simple game with simple rules and mechanics
  • Very quick player account creation process
  • Generous affiliate program
  • Game is not provably fair but the results can be verified with a third party random number generator


  • Email-only support, no live chat
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Site can be resource-intensive and can crash web browsers on computers with low RAM (512 MB or lower)
  • Website lacks information regarding highly important matters like the wagering requirements, terms and conditions, and country restrictions.

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