Bitcoin Casinos are becoming more popular as many money transmitters are disallowing payments for gambling or betting sites, even though they are perfectly legal. Many users choose to pay with crypto currencies - mostly Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero to avoid getting their Credit Card- or Paypal accounts blocked or payments rejected. Less hassle - more fun. We show you the Best Bitcoin Casinos available on the online gambling market and our reviews show you the features of each casino in depth. Enjoy!
  • + Quick player signup
  • + Extensive collection of games
  • + Responsive live support
  • + Mobile-friendly (mobile site + Android app)
  • - Only the dice games are provably fair
  • - No telephone support
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  • + Excellent collection of quality games
  • + Multiple bonuses
  • + Support for BTC, USD, and EUR
  • + Live games
  • - No mobile apps
  • - Only video slots games contribute 100%
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  • + Great for gambling anonymously
  • + Games can be tested
  • + Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted (BTC, LTC, and DOGE)
  • + Provably fair games
  • - Low deposit bonuses
  • - No live games
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  • + No registration required
  • + Support for multiple cryptocurrencies
  • + Good for anonymous online gambling
  • + No withdrawal fees
  • - No live chat support
  • - No welcome and deposit bonuses
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  • + High maximum deposit bonus amounts (up to 3 BTC)
  • + Wide selection of games, over 800…thats a lot.
  • + Licensed and regulated online bitcoin casino
  • + Anonymous gambling
  • - No support for more altcoins other then BTC
  • - Not accepting US players.
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  • + Intuitive interface
  • + Provably fair slots and dice games
  • + Quick and easy registration, or play without signing up for an account
  • + Anonymous playing
  • - OneHash needs to use your camera before you can make a deposit
  • - Relatively low first deposit bonus
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  • + Extensive collection of games
  • + Live casino games available
  • + Live chat support
  • + Multiple payment methods supported
  • - High bonus wagering requirement (50x)
  • - Not available to players in the US and UK
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  • + Provably fair games
  • + Live support
  • + Bitcoin faucet
  • - No live games and limited number of games
  • - Not available for US and UK players
  • - No telephone support
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  • + Multiple bonuses to take advantage of
  • + Licensed and regulated online casino
  • + Online chat support is 24/7 now!
  • - No mobile app
  • - Only some games can be played on mobile devices
  • - There are documents required for making withdrawals (USD + EUR)
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  • + Live-chat is available at all times of day and night
  • + Bitcoin transactions are processed with utmost speed
  • + Reputable and trustworthy platform
  • - Bonuses must physically be “claimed.”
  • - You must have an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash
  • - Site info can sometimes be confusing or difficult to follow
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  • + High first deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC
  • + No minimum and maximum withdrawal amount!
  • + Excellent collection of games with great graphics
  • + Live casinos and sports games
  • - No provably fair games
  • - No live chat support.
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Bitcoin Casinos Reviews

Bitcoin casinos are a relatively new phenomenon, but they are quickly becoming the preferred choice for online gambling websites. So why do so many players move to gambling with Bitcoin?

5 Reasons why Gambling with Bitcoin is better:

There are many reasons why people turn to Bitcoin, but here are the five most important ones for online gamblers:

1. Speed

It is not uncommon to have to sometimes wait for a payout in a typical online casino days, or weeks. Sometimes the payment takes even months. It is not always the fault of the casino, because your bank might not serve you with online casino transactions. In addition, the company, which performs the payment, has a great risk. Credit Card fraud is one, and they have therefore often to perform draconian precautions with the payments.

Bitcoin payments can not be undone after a very short period of time has elapsed. The Bitcoin casinos can therefore credit your account immediately after payment and send you your winnings when you initiate the payment. The difference is like night and day when a big win hovers somewhere and you’re wondering what happened to the money!

2. Anonymity

Bitcoin gives you the option to remain relatibely anonymous if you play online. In contrast, you must include your name, address, credit card details and other personal information, sometimes your Social Security Number (!) to disclose if you play in regular Online Casinos. In some Bitcoin casinos, not even an e-mail address will be needed. Bitcoin is not completely anonymous though, rather pseudonymous. If you want to be completely anonymous, choose a Casino which supports a anonymous crypto currency like  Monero for example.

3. Fairness

How can you be sure that the game is fair, especially when it seems that the dealer gets the good cards? The cryptographic Bitcoin innovations have proven the concept of fairness (provably fair) was introduced, which was used for the first time Bitzino 2012 and has been adopted by all major Bitcoin casinos since then.

We have written a more detailed description on our own demonstrably fair side, but in brief we can say that the system uses cryptographic hashes with which the deck Digital “cut” is before you start the game. This will ensure that the casino software and the players do not know how the arrangement of the cards in the deck before the game is.

This is a  insurance that they confirmed to have a fair game.

4. Value

The Bitcoin casinos save the credit card fees and are proven to offer fair games, which means that they do not require expensive Certificates from third parties. These savings are then passed on to the players often in the form of better rates and more generous bonus offers or placement programs.

In addition, there are the lower access restrictions, more choice and more innovative games for the casino players.

5. Transparency

The openness of the block chain affects all businesses that are built upon. Many people believe that Bitcoin will lead to a new era of transparent business operations and Bitcoin casinos are no exception. Apart form that, the supply of Bitcoin can not be inflated by anyone – not even the most powerful governments. This makes Bitcoin a perfect store of value for the digital age – like Gold was for the past 6000 years – Bitcoin is the digital store of value which can not be inflated or created out of thin air. If you win Bitcoin in one of the Bitcoin Casinos listed above, you will get a digital token which will likely rise massively in value over the next years.


Why should I use a Bitcoin gaming site rather than one featuring traditional payment methods?

There are many reasons to use a Bitcoin gaming site rather than using one featuring traditional payment methods; the most important reasons are listed below:

  • Bitcoin Casinos are very fast in terms of their withdrawals and deposits.
  • You pay it anonymously with just one email address to create your bitcoin account.
  • You secure your credit cards and other bank information from any kind of fraud.
  • There is no payment processing fee in any transaction of Bitcoins such as, sending, receiving and others.
  • You get a complete control over your funds by using bitcoin encrypted currency


How can you prove that all Casino Games are fair?

It is very difficult to prove that all games are fair but you can verify your games by taking the following steps:

  • A random secret seed is generated and then encrypted into a hash code by the server
  • The hashed code of the server seed is sent to player
  • The player inputs a random client seed.
  • Both seeds are mixed up through an encrypted function to create the result.
  • For client verification, the server seed is revealed to the player again to check.
  • Different bitcoin games will require different mechanism to verify whether game is fair or not.


What are Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of digital money created and controlled through digital encryption techniques. It is a peer to peer monetary transaction system, which is free from the centralized bank. The generation, transfer and verification of digital money between two peers occur through open-source software without any involvement of middleman or centralized banking body.


What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

The bitcoin wallet is an electronic account to receive, send and hold the encrypted currency. You can create your bitcoin wallet through two ways different methods either by installing crypto currency software on your computer hard drive or, registering for online bitcoin wallet with any web based service provider like Both kinds of wallets have their own merits and demerits in terms of security and safety. If you want to be on the safe side, choose a hardware wallet and don´t trust them to a third party. “Not your keys – not your Bitcoin” is a very common phrase in this field.